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Convention From Wilmington to Paris
« on: October 20, 2013, 02:16:26 PM »
Hi Everybody!

I'm french and I wanted to share all the pictures there may be of the Convention in Paris:

Joy and James:

for those who ask the question, it is Joy in the arms of James, the picture had not been taken yet, I think they just laughed to lead to poses, they threw themselves full of wink from the fans in attendance

they seems really closed during the photoshoot.

source: pic HaleyJames29

to prepare for the concert, where Joy sing:

Source pic: Twitter Bjl Daily

Source: PamelaVictoriaZ

- During Q and A with Joy, Hilarie and Shantel, there is a game: marry, kiss or push off a cliff, Joy would kiss craig, and marry with James and hilarie was like we're too nice to choose someone to push off a cliff.")

- Hilarie said: "She was the moral compass of the show'." #FWTP

- Hilarie said that the moment the show took it to the next level is when Joy sang on the show.

- Joy was speaking about how she loved working with James and that he's really kind and intelligent.

- Joy received a check for the association LOVE 146, she had tears in her eyes

Source: Twitter
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Re: Convention From Wilmington to Paris
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2013, 03:27:54 PM »
Thanks for sharing those. :) The cast looks good. It's nice to see Joy and James together.
I love what Hilarie said about Joy being the moral compass of the show. I completely agree with her.

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Re: Convention From Wilmington to Paris
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Good news: a second agreement in Paris was announced by the guest event website

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Re: Convention From Wilmington to Paris
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seriously ^^^

This is getting really pathetic now. Just let these actors move on with their careers and not be stuck oth. Why makes Oth so special to get all these conventions but superior shows like The Sopranos etc never get one.

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Re: Convention From Wilmington to Paris
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Why are you commenting on a oth fan site is you think it's pathetic.

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Re: Convention From Wilmington to Paris
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Thanks for sharing all that. I love the info that you got during the Q & A.
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Re: Convention From Wilmington to Paris
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and here are some pictures of the photoshoot with Joy and James

Beautiful and amazing moments with them. :laugh:

source pic: SmolderDEesire

source: twitter ProdBDubber

some infos:

Joy talked about his weight, and talked about the challenges in the series and she said it was hard to cope with the data with the string on which the series was released, on their weight pressure. They had to be careful not to take too many kilos or not to lose too.

Hilarie and she have said he should not take them as modele for their thinness.

Fans have asked Joy if she will make a tour, she said, "may be in a few years!" because right now, she takes care of Maria and she has no label so it is she who finance it.

source pic: MarylinDubois

source: fannylameyre

source: Christelle_S

fans present a check to Joy to support LOVE146

source: Twitter love_isRED

Joy's blouse was unbuttoned a little high and she just reacted in super fast, telling fans: "You have seen my breasts?" she laughed and they all laughed. It was so natural.

During the convention, Shantel Joy compared to Beyonce. Joy was like "what bull[Censored]!"

A fan asked Joy she was his common with Haley, she replied laughing "I cry a lot."

A fan asked what it was like to come back with her ​​real family , she said it feels good to be after all they have been through , she and her colleagues " One Tree Hill" are like a big family .

If she had to choose one season she prefers , she would have three choices. The first would be the first season to coincide with his personal life and that the series became . His second choice would be for the fifth season because she had the opportunity to really go further in her acting . His last choice is the last season because this is the last season.

A fan asked him how it was to shoot the scene in the morgue ( in season 9, when will identify what appears to be the body of Nathan ) . She said that the whole team to really respect the gravity of the scene. They turned about 5 times to help , she spent a cover of music " Fix You" by Coldplay , and it helped him a lot to turn this scene because it would remind him of personal memories.

- The most moving scene to shoot for it is the last scene she shot in the series. This is the scene of the latest episode is available on DVD with bonus when Jackson Brundage face red brick wall and it takes a brick ( on the roof of Karen 's Café ) . For this last scene she sang a song to mark this moment forever and she almost never succeed to finish the song because of all the emotions she felt.

She said that her new series "SongByrd" is a sort of "Sex and The City" but with music. His character in turn would "not well in his head." Regarding filming the pilot of the series will begin next week and will be shot in New York and Toronto. If the pilot is chosen, the series will be broadcast in autumn 2014.

source: Wonderful Joy
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