Author Topic: The Jake&Nikki sitch....  (Read 1326 times)

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The Jake&Nikki sitch....
« on: March 04, 2013, 08:08:22 PM »
so im rewatching the season 2 finale right how and it got me thinking. i honestly feel that jake is wrong in not letting nikki see jenny. i mean, i know nikki is a slut and isnt really the best person but she is jennys mom and i dont think nikki did anything bad enough to the point that she couldnt even at least visit her own daughter. i think jake was being selfish and taking his anger out on nikki because of what happened with their relationship but i do think nikki still had a right to at least visit jenny. im not saying nikki should have full custody but she does have a right to her daughter. and in the end, the judge grants joint custody to them both, even after nikki took jenny. so  yeah, i think jake is wrong.

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Re: The Jake&Nikki sitch....
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2013, 08:34:41 PM »
I understand where Jake is coming from based on what he told Whitey about when the Ravens had an away game and Jake left Jenny with Nikki and then found Nikki passed out in her car at a bar with Jenny in the backseat.  It was cold out and she didn't even have Jenny covered up.  If someone treated my child like that, I wouldn't let them see her either.  However, Jake should have taken legal action the minute Nikki abandon Jenny.  I think the most Nikki deserved in the beginning was supervised visitation with Jenny.

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Re: The Jake&Nikki sitch....
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2013, 12:19:11 PM »
I always saw where Jake was coming from with the whole Jenny situation.  When the mother of your child acts like that, when they are suppose to be caring for them, it makes you crazy, children make you crazy. Period.  Maybe I feel that way because my brother had a similar situation happen to him, with my nephew and his mom (her rights got terminated, she was NOT a good mom, doesn't deserve to see her kid).

That being said, IN My Completely Honest Opinion, having seen my brother go through something like this, I think Nikki should've got the chance to see Jenny but on Jakes terms and supervised.  They should've started a trial period for Nikki to be able to see her child.  But not for Nikki's sake, it's for Jenny's sake.  If everyone feels that Nikki is stable enough, resposibile enough to be a mom to Jenny, then she should be able to.

Just because Nikki doesn't deserve to see Jenny doesn't mean Jenny derves not to see her mother.  It's such a messed up situation because even though the mother has done wrong, the kid shouldn't be punished, but then you don't want the messed up mom messing up the kid. 

It's all really about can this parent BE a parent to their kid?  IMO Nikki could've, she seemed like she really wanted to be a part of Jennys life.  and I think they should've worked it out rather than Jake running away.

My nephews mom on the other hand is toxic, she acts like she wants to be a part of her kids life but it seems like an act, ahe lives in a totally different state and barely does anything for her kid.  You'd think if she wanted to be with her kid, she'd at least live near him and fight for the chance to m see him.

I just feel bad for my nephew, he wants to see his mom but what do you do when she lives so far away and doesn't seem to care??!!

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Re: The Jake&Nikki sitch....
« Reply #3 on: May 05, 2013, 03:50:48 AM »
The issue to me is that Jake was an immature 17 year old. He knew that Nicki wasn't prepared to be a mother and she abandoned them after she had Jenny. Jake should have gotten legal help, but he had no idea that Nicki was just going to randomly reappear and decide that suddenly she wanted Jenny back, considering her track record of going to bars and leaving Jenny in the car alone, an infant Jenny, I might add. The only thing he had ever known about her parenting skills was the she had none and cared only about herself. I don't blame Jake in wanting her to stay the hell away from his daughter. He cared about her and loved her and wanted what was best for Jenny, which was clearly not Nicki.
Nicki was not only a terrible mother as evidenced about her lack of parenting skills, but she tried multiple times to KIDNAP Jenny. Not just get visitation rights, but outright just stealing her from Jake, because she didn't get her way. Nicki was unstable and in my opinion, psychotic. And in the end, she was caught with Jenny at her parent's and the judge ordered her and Jake to stay there to go through the proper legal routes. I wouldn't doubt that Nicki would eventually just disappear again and leave Jenny with Jake. I don't really see her as a wonderful mother who has suddenly decided she needs Jenny in her life. The only reason she got so mad about not getting Jenny in her life, is because Jake wanted nothing to do with her and that pissed her off. I don't think Jake was wrong at all and Nicki was crazy as hell and deserved to lose any hope of custody of a child I don't think she actually cared about, because she used Jenny to hurt Jake, which is not a sign of a good parent. A good parent would not do that.
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