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Question about Season 9 and Im going to Rant about it....
« on: September 25, 2012, 11:17:49 PM »
First of all I want to say that Season 9 was real good. You know, I was a big fan of one tree hill seasons 1-4. The OC was always my show, but OTH was my next show. Nobody knew the show would last an eternity longer than the OC did. Anyways around Season 5, it just wasn't for me. The show really changed profusely, it seemed like a different show. I have recently watched season's 5-8 all on Netflix. Season's 5-8 just don't do it for me. The one fun thing was watching Quinton and he died for no good reason. Having said that, Season 9 really surprised me. I was curious to see what it was all about and I got most of it off of I tunes. I came into it with a closed mind, but season 9 wrapped it up really good.

However, my questions are this. When Danny was dying in bed and Nathan talked to him on the b ball court and told him he loved him, was he just dreaming? Or was Nathan really saying those things in his heart? My question also goes for his brother that he killed. Was Keith really from heaven talking to him or was this all just Danny's brain?

My rant is this. OTC is all about loyalty, spending time with the people that you care about. I felt that people weren't concerned enough about Nathan enough when he was gone, except for his wife Haley and also Dan. Everyone else was just going about their own maybe superficial lives. Take Brooke for example. Sure, she had her own share of problems. But in the end she was more interested in talking about her portrayed character with Julian. She went and saw Nathan the first day at the hospital, but that was it. She should have came the next day, consoled him, and even talked about her own experience with the crazy psycho dude.

The person who really disappointed me was Klay. Klay had his own problems, he was busy taking in his newly discovered son. But Klay is supposed to be Nathan's best friend. He hardly showed any care about his best friend even when he was alert and awake. He simply told the psychiatrist that he knows that Nathan will be okay, without a doubt. The other person who I despise is Chad Michael Murray. He was only there for that one day. Never mind him come to see Nathan in the hospital. Never mind him calling Haley.

Take a look at Skittles and Marv. They hardly cared about Nathan. Skittles barely even brought the issue up. Him and Marv's girl were more interested in talking about Marvs bloating and calling him Chubs.

Nathan is supposed to be a semi celebrity in the show. There was no welcome home party or anything? I venture to say that the only 2 people that truly cared about him were Haley and his dad and maybe his son. Klay had his head stuck up his own butt. That guy who worked at the bar didn't mention diddly squat about Nate.

So all in all, this really upset me. No welcome back party or announcement or anything. People were just too busy thinking about themselves, especially Brooke. She is so into feeling like a little princess and likes it when Julian portrays her as one. If anything, she should have shared her experiences with Nathan and bonded with him more because of all this. Instead she was more concerned about the little things, much like Klay. Now I know Klay has a right to love his newly discovered son, but his best friend was missing and it sure didn't seem like he was all that concerned.

Overall great season. Danny sure saved it. He showed the most heart. I do give Julian credit too since Nathan wasn't his best friend, more like a peer. But if I were Brooke, I would be spending a lot more time with Nathan at the hospital showing my care. I wouldn't just show up and say glad you're ok and then bounce.