Author Topic: One of the biggest un-talked about goofs  (Read 1197 times)

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One of the biggest un-talked about goofs
« on: August 01, 2012, 02:34:54 PM »
I was watching a few episodes from Season 6 today on SoapNet.. it was when we met Julian for the first time. They showed flash-backs of how (and when) he and Peyton met.

The first time they met was after Lucas proposed to Peyton in the hotel room, and the 2nd time was after Peyton goes to Luke's book signing and sees him there with Lindsey.

This all might seem normal, but those 2 events were a year apart from eachother, and they made it seem like they werent that far apart at all.

Because in season 5, it was mentioned how that first instance (Luke and Peyton in the hotel room) was 3 years ago, and Luke mentions how the book signing was "in LA, 2 years ago" (he said that in either 5x01 or 5x02).

So that means that the first 2 times Peyton and Julian meet - right after she and lucas broke up and right after she left the book signing - were 1 year apart.. but they make it seem like they were both right after eachother.

I mean, it may sound silly, but no one really remembers people that well, that they met only once, a year later. And you certainly cant connect with someone like that (after meeting them once and then not seeing them til a year later) the way they did. I mean, Julian was like, "hey this is the 2nd time I met you, and both times you were crying."

Haha did anyonce else notice that? :p