Author Topic: Series of events in the finale  (Read 1797 times)

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Series of events in the finale
« on: May 28, 2012, 12:49:32 PM »
So I just watched the season 1 finale and the season 2 premiere and I am SO confused about the series of events of what happened.

Haley and Nathan were in the fight over Nathan's porn thing and then he waits for her in the rain, they kiss and make up and then go back to Nathan's and are about to have sex when she says "tonight after the game"

Haley and Nathan were supposed to get married after the game, because they were going to finally have sex after the game. That's what she told Nathan, and when Lucas came to say goodbye to Haley she told him she did wait and dropped the surprise.

Then in the season 2 finale they show her asking her parents and everything and I was confused. There didn't seem like enough time between all these events, plus Lucas leaving and Dan having a heart attack. WHEN DID IT ALL HAPPEN.

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Re: Series of events in the finale
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2012, 08:34:35 PM »
To this day I don't think anyone can explain that finale. It's frustrating because I never knew when Naley got married but that's just OTH lol.

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Re: Series of events in the finale
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2012, 10:18:24 PM »
This is what I made up in my head: :)

Nathan and Haley talk after the game, and she's all, yeah, after the game.  I am thinking she is talking about having sex. (I explain later why I think this). They have sex, the end of the night. thats it, the end.

Nathan and Haley get married during the day the NEXT day.  Everyone else in Tree Hill did not have this day, only Nathan, Haley and her parents and when Haley sees Lucas she says they got married last night because no one can know they had this "extra" day.  :P  :o ;D See, now your mind is BLOWN!

Later on when Taylor is on the show, they are talking about Haley having sex and Haley says, I waited.... until I was in love."  Kind of implying she didn't wait until she got married, she waited until she was in-love (my explanation from above).

Anyhoo, after watching and wondering SOOO many times, I made my own theory. :)

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Re: Series of events in the finale
« Reply #3 on: May 29, 2012, 04:23:31 PM »
It was so confusing.  I still can't figure out when they did the deed versus when they got married.  On one hand it seems like they decided to wait...until after the game, or after getting married.  On the other hand a quote from Nathan sticks out to me from the fantasy boy draft dates.  Something along the lines of "I still remember when we made love in the rain."

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Re: Series of events in the finale
« Reply #4 on: June 04, 2012, 01:19:23 PM »
Not been here in ages! But read this thread and I remember coming to some sort of a conclusion in my head that makes the most sense ages ago. I'll try to remember the sequence of events that I think happened:

They kiss and make up in the rain outside Haley's house. They could just go into Haley's house, which is a few feet away, but decide to walk, in the rain, to Nathan's. As you do.

They return to Nathan's apartment, "that was a nice walk" lalala, Haley takes her top off and says it's okay.

They kiss on the bed and Nathan asks her to marry him. Shown in 2x01 but is a flashback to right after the 1x22 Haley-takes-her-top-off scene. Haley considers her answer.

Haley asks if it (marriage) will drive them apart or change things and says maybe they won't be good together. Nathan assures her it won't change things and he wants to be with her. She says "Tonight, then. After the game." When you watch 1x22 for the first time we think they're talking about sex but the ending "we got married"/2x01 proposal scene shows that it's about getting married.

After the game in the car she tells Nathan that she wants to. Again, we're meant to think they mean sex but find out later they mean marriage.

That's all quite simple to me, but then it gets confusing. They go to Nathan's apartment. They decide/realise they need to ask her parents and actually organise it? So that's all good and Nathan goes to speak to Lucas at the rivercourt to say goodbye. Then they work up the courage to go and speak to her parents, so they go. And change their clothes of course! In the middle of the night/early morning. When it's light. Even though this is like December/January. And her parents are up and about at this time. And they take the time to discuss it. And so they all get ready, go to the beach, and they get married!

Then they return home (still broad daylight of course) and Nathan's magically found even more time to set up candles and a romantic little honeymoon suite. Pretty dangerous to leave candles unattended, but by this time logic doesn't really come into play I suppose. And Haley walks to the bedroom suggestively and Nathan says that it's not about sex and that's not why he married her, but she's like COME ON and off they go.

So they do it, have their convo about their wedding "night" and how they'll tell their children about it someday and about how she wants a son with his eyes and he wants a girl just like her. Then Lucas knocks on the door, Nathan swans through and gets Haley for Lucas, and he asks her what's going on and says he thought she was going to wait to have sex until after she got married. She says she did wait, because they got married "last night" (and only did the deed for the first time in their honeymoon suite after they got married). Oh but none of the candles or rose petals are there anymore so sometime through the night Nathan or his helper elves (the same ones that helped him completely redecorate the flat during their 2nd wedding to look like London) obviously came through and cleaned it up. Lucas leaves, they go back to bed and go back to sleep. Then she wakes up again with Nathan watching her and they're like OMG I HAD A DREAM WE GOT MARRIED! Then Nathan finds out about Dan having a heart attack, and then the rest is just episode 2x01! Ta daaa.

Oh and "This is where we made love in the rain" seems to me like it was just a separate occasion. And when she says to Taylor that she waited til she was in love... I think she does mean after she got married but... I don't know, that was a weird scene. Maybe she just didn't want to discuss her sex life with Taylor.

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Re: Series of events in the finale
« Reply #5 on: September 30, 2012, 04:39:59 AM »
I always thought of them having the talk with Haley's parents before we see them in 1x22.. because, even at that point, maybe Haley still wasnt 100% sure she wanted to marry Nathan. And that part about them having sex for the first time with the candles in the apartment.. for all we know that could have been after 1x22 and 2x01, when Haley tells Lucas "we did wait" that doesnt necessarily mean they ALREADY had sex. It could just mean that "yes, we waited til we got married before having sex" not "yes, we waited AND WE JUST HAD SEX."

So yeah.. I think the second part of what I just said is more realistic, with the timeline and when they got married and such, but theres always gonna be the fact that Haley said "we got married last NIGHT" and the pictures clearly show them getting married in the middle of the day. So, thanks to Mark, it will probably always be a mystery.