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~*Always and Forever Naley Fans*~
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Nathan Scott had everything you could want in life. He was the most popular guy in school, basketball royalty, all the money in the world. And he knew it. He had all those things but was still missing one thing... Haley James was a nobody at Tree Hill High. She was intelligent, different, funny, and from the other side of the tracks. She followed all the rules and excelled at everything but was missing something....

Her life was flipped upside down when the one boy who gets everything he wants started looking her way. He made her change her ways and step out of her comfort zone. He dared her chase after her dreams instead of playing it safe, he dared her to open her huge heart to him, he dared her to share her hidden talents, he dared her to trust him. Essentially, he dared her to move. Once she believed in him the world changed for the better. She finally felt alive. She dared him to let down his guard, she dared him to believe that he was worth it, she dared him to see that he was more then the hometown basketball hero, she made him see that he was good enough. They both taught each other that world was better with each other. Ultimately, true love was born. Always and forever.

Things haven't always been perfect between these two. No relationship is perfect. But, they faced their battles together. They've gotten through the lowest of lows and celebrated the highest of highs as one solid unit. They have both made mistakes but those mistakes have shown them that true love is a matter of forgiveness and admitting when you're wrong. They have both grown as individuals and as a couple. They have laughed, cried, dealt with death, conquered dreams, and started a family all together. All the tears and anguish has been completely worth it. They've gotten through the dark moments because they both realize that without each other they are nothing and they have nothing.

What's in store for Nathan and Haley? We don't know for sure. But what we are absolutely sure about is that their love will never fade. Their love will beat anything that challenges it. Their love is something that everyone wishes that they could experience. Their love is true love. Always and forever they will be Nathan and Haley Scott.

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Re: ~*Always and Forever Naley Fans*~
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Name: Mia
Age: 19
Location: London, UK
Favorite Naley scene: There are so many scenes which I love so itís hard to choose, but it would probably be the 1st proposal scene. It was AMAZING. It was so sweet and hot at the same time. You could just tell how Nathan was completely in love with Haley from the way he looked at her and the Ďmarry meí <3333333. Total love and it came across as so genuine. Iíd like scenes like this again please!
Funniest scene: This isnít strictly Naley, but the scene where Nathan strips to get money for her dress. LOOOOOOL anything that involves Nathan dancing is hilarious, also afterwards when Haley teases him about it.
Favorite Naley and Jamie scene: Iím not a huge fan of their scenes with Jamie, but the scene when they are all cuddled up in Jamieís bed so he can Ďprotectí them was adorable. Also when Jamie tells Haley that heís crying because sheís going to lose her mum and that the only thing he never wants to lose is his parents <33 That one doesnít really include Nathan but I loved it so much, it bought me to tears.
Favorite cheesy Naley moment: Just one? They are too full of cheese to pick one lol. Iíll go with the whole 2x17 flashbacks, especially the answering machine scene.
Best Haley moment: When she jumps in front of the car to save Nathan. I love that they would both do anything to protect each other, and the scene where she agrees to tutor him because otherwise we wouldnít have the amazingness that is Naley.
Best Nathan moment: This one is SO hard there are way too many Nathan moments which are awesome. Iím going to say all of his speeches/declarations of love to Haley. Two of my favourites are the speech he makes to Haley at his press conference after he finds out sheís pregnant and when he goes to get her back from Karenís after she finds out about Dante. ĎIím not gonna just stand by and watch while the world hurts youí love that line and how heís so protective of her.
And then thereís the scene with Lydia where he thanks her for saying yes, ĎYou were responsible for raising the woman that changed my entire worldí <33 He always says the most perfect things lol.
A song that reminds you of Naley: Better Than Love by Griffin House, which Morgan showed me lol. It fits them perfectly!
When did you fall in love with Naley: The first episode I watched which was 4x08. I thought they looked really cute together and stood out by a mile compared to the other couples. Then I watched from the beginning and fell in love with their relationship.
What makes them so special to you: I always love the whole bad boy falls in love with good girl story. What I like about Naley is that they both influence each other for the better. Their love is so strong and unconditional, they would do/sacrifice anything for one another. Imo they have come the furthest out of all the other couples in the show, the others donít even compare to them. They always go out of their way to make each other happy. I know a lot of people donít like that they have been together for the whole run of the show, but I love that. It shows that they are the only ones for each other and they canít be apart from each other. They have the kind of love that I want someday lol, working through their problems and struggles together and always coming out stronger and more stable. I totally blame them for my addiction to this show LOL.   

Name: Morgan.
Age: 21.
Location: Orlando, Florida.
Favorite Naley scene: Back in season 1 when Nathan and Haley skipped school and went to the beach. It was adorable and hilarious at the same time. And it happens to have my all time favorite Haley line AND my favorite JL's moment. "1...3...5!" So cute. And When JOY says "You're so strong!" to James. Tooooo adorable for words.
Favorite Naley and Jamie scene: I could really do without any of these scenes but I would have to say my favorite is after the slamball game that Nathan got thrown through the glass. Haley and Jamie were waiting for him on the court and they just had a cute little moment. Plus Jamie wasn't too annoying.
Favorite cheesy Naley moment: This is like THE hardest question ever. Haha. Umm, I would have to say their answering machine scene. Because come on....They are a REALLY cheesy couple. :P
Best Haley moment: When she stuck by Nathan throughout the Renee thing in season 7. Yes she had her doubts but she never fully gave up on him.
Best Nathan moment: Ok, I take my answer back from a couple questions ago. THIS is the hardest one ever. He says and does the most amazing things. There is a reason he is my favorite on the show. I would have to say that my ultimate favorite is when Nathan was going to give up HighFlyers for Haley in season 2. Seriously, that was the ultimate sacrafice.
A song that reminds you of Naley: Better Than Love by Griffin House. LOL Mia put the same song but it is soooooooo Naley. The lyrics are scary how similar they are to their relationship.
When did you fall in love with Naley: All the way back in season 1. I've watched the show since the beginning and they were the only couple at the time that felt REAL. Both Leyton and Breyton felt forced to me. Everything about Nathan and Haley was so freaking natural.
What makes them so special to you: Like I said before they are so real. Some say that they have the most unrealistic relationship on the show but I disagree. I know a few couples who got married in high school and had to deal with the pressures of that. Sure, they weren't basketball gods or rock stars but they still felt the same way about the other person in their relationship. You can just tell that Nathan and Haley would do ANYTHING for each other and I can't say that about the other couples on the show. 

Name: Alicia
Age: 23
Location: Round Rock, Tx.
Favorite Naley Scene: Their second wedding.
Funniest Scene: When they got drunk.
Favorite naley & Jamie Scene: The tomato fight.
Favorite Cheesy Naley Moment: The gazebo scene in s4.
Best Haley Moment: When she told Nathan one more night like this and it's over.
Best Nathan Moment: When he told Haley to go on tour this season.
A song that reminds you of Naley: Dare You to Move.
When did you fall in love with Naley: Late season 1.
What makes them special to you: Their love is so epic that it can overcome anything.

Name: Amy
Age: 16
Location: Scotland
Favorite Naley Scene: I cant choose, i love their first I love you's.
Funniest Scene: Recording their answering machine.
Favorite Naley & Jamie scene: The end of 6x06 when they all snuggle up in Jamies bed.
Favorite Cheesy Naley Moment: The second proposal.
Best Haley Moment: I cant choose, all of them, Coming back from tour or throwing Carrie out the house.
Best Nathan Moment: The start of season five when he jumps in the pool and starts becoming the Nathan we love again.
A song that reminds you of Naley: Most songs do, Brad Paisley - i thought i loved you then.
When did you fall in love with Naley: Their very first tutoring session
What makes them so special to you: Everything about them, the main one being how they knew that they were it for each other from the beginning.

Name: Anna
Age: 18
Location: North Carolina
Favorite Naley Scene: First proposal scene in 2x01
Funniest Scene: 7x06 'it's a simile' haha
Favorite Naley & Jamie Scene: flashbacks in 5x05
Favorite Cheesy Moment: ohhh so many haha! Probably have to be 3x17 with 'it is not possible to be this in love!' so cheesy...but adorable!
Best Haley Moment: When she stood up for her beliefs and Sam in S6 and got fired for publishing Sam's article. I really admired her heart and loyalty in that situation, and how firmly she sticks to her guns.
Best Nathan Moment: this is a weird one, but in S2 when he goes to see Taylor, and can't make himself kiss her...I think that moment really shows how much Nathan had changed since S1. He couldn't betray Haley like that, and even more he couldn't so something he knew would be so wrong, even though he was hurting and angry. I just love the growth he showed.
A song that reminds you of Naley: 'More Than Anyone' by Gavin Degraw
When did you fall in love with Naley: I shipped them and liked them since S1, but I really fell for them in early S3, just seeing how much they really did love each other, and how they were able to overcome such a huge challenge in their relationship.
What makes them so special to you: I love how they've never given up on each other even for a second. Alot of couples on tv are constantly breaking up and making up, but Naley just can't ever seem to fully let go of one another, even when they want to(Nathan in S3 and Haley in S5). I just think that's so special that their love is so strong they are willing to fight through any and every circumstance to make it work, and they always come out the other side even stronger than before.

Name: Ashley
Age: 21
Location: Alabama
Favorite Naley Scene: In 7.06 when Haley was telling Nathan that she doesn't want him to lose his dream. And he says "Lose her? She's right here... and i'm never letting go"!!! <3333
Funniest Scene: Right after they just got married and they were trying to record their answering machine message.
Favorite Naley & Jamie Scene: When Haley and Jamie were dancing in the living room and Nathan walked in <3
Favorite Cheesy Moment: 6x23, when Nathan said "Nice View" and Haley says "yeah it's so beautiful out here" and Nathan says "I didn't mean that view". Smiley
Best Haley Moment: When Haley poured her drink on Rachel and slapped her.
Best Nathan Moment: When he found out that he was in the NBA.
When did you fall in love with Naley: I've always liked them but I think I fell in love with them after Haley went on tour and they had to fight to stay together. It showed me how much they truly love each other.
What makes them so special to you: It all started when a basketball jock and a tutor fell in love. The rest is history <3

Name: Cara
Age: 20
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Favorite Naley Scene: it changes like weekly LMAO, but right now I'm loving their first ; tutoring session in 1x03.
Funniest Scene: Definitely 4x15 "how many girls have you slept with, FABIO?"...just that whole list debacle was HI-larious with Haley's hormonal self!
Favorite Naley & Jamie Scene: 5x05 flashback when they're each trying to get him to say 'ball' or 'guitar'!
Favorite Cheesy Moment: Anytime they've ever said 'always and Forever'! It's cheesy as hell, but It melts my little heart every time!
Best Haley Moment: 5x12, in Jamie's bedroom. You could just see how broken she was by ALL the events of S5, and she just broke down. Haley rarely lets herself do that, so it was such a great moment.
Best Nathan Moment: I LOVE everything about his scenes in 4x10. His reaction to Haley being run over, and his scenes in the hospital, and his scenes with Dan. He was so vulnerable, it was really beautiful.
A song that remind you of Naley: "More than Anyone" by Gavin Degraw, and "Lie in the Sound" by Trespassers William.
When did you fall in love with Naley: I liked them since their first scene together, but I really hardcore fell for them in 1x09 with the "Nothing Else Matters" scene...and I've never looked back since that moment!"
What makes them so special to you: Just the fact that they've only ever been in love with each other. They fell in love at 16, and neither ever even TRIED to deny that, even when they were in their darkest times. Also, I think James and Joy's chemistry is so special, it really makes me believe in this couple even more.

Name: Janika
Age: 17
Location: Finland
Favorite Naley Scene: The rain kiss in 1x22.
Funniest Scene: I guess the answer machine scene in 2x17.
Favorite Naley & Jamie Scene: Um.. In 5x05, the flashback where they try to teach Jamie to say "ball" and "guitar"
Favorite Cheesy Naley Moment: This one is the 2x17 answer machine scene too.
Best Haley Moment: When she sings at Tric in 2x07.
Best Nathan Moment: Def in 3x20, in the basket ball game in the end.
A song that reminds you of Naley: She Has No Time - Keane
When did you fall in love with Naley: It was after I saw 1x04, ha.
What makes them so special to you: Well, I absolutely love their story and they're the very first couple that I ever like ship ship ship way too obsessed.

Name: Judy
Age: 19
Location: Philippines Smiley
Favorite Naley Scene: 1x8 first kiss coz thatīs when it all began..
Funniest Scene: 3x20 in the tub
Favorite Naley & Jamie Scene: 5x5 flashback the ball/guitar scene
Favorite Cheesy Moment: in 6x7 in the couch
Best Haley Moment: when she told nathan that none of it mattered without him-in 3x7
Best Nathan Moment: the 405 speech
A song that reminds you of Naley: More Than Anyone
When did you fall in love in love with Naley: S1-1x3
What makes them so special to you: theyīve got true love which is so rare to they are each otherīs soulmate Smiley

Name: Maria
Age: 19
Location: Europe
Favorite Naley Scene: their first kiss, so cute and sweet!
Funniest Scene: Probably the scene in 4x12 when Nathan asks Haley: "Did the closet explode?" but basically all NH scenes in 4x12 were hilarious!
Favorite Naley & Jamie Scene: in 5x05 flashback when Haley wants Jamie to say "guitar" but he keeps saying "ball".
Favorite Cheesy Naley Moment: when they say "always and forever" in 3x16. I just love this quote.
Best Haley Moment: when she throws drink in Rachel's face and slaps her in 4x14.
Best Nathan Moment: in 4x05 when during the press conferance he says that everything is going to be ok.
A song that reminds you of Naley: "Halo" by Bethany Joy
When did you fall in love with Naley: when they went on their first date and Nathan opened up to her. In that moment I knew that there was something special about them.
What makes them so special to you: Mostly the fact that they went through so much but never stopped loving each other. An the AMAZING Joy and James chemistry, they make even not the best NH scenes great.

Name: Maud
Age: I'll be 21 December 26 th.
Location: Paris (France)
Favorite Naley Scene: Hard question...I'll go with the flashback scene in 2X01 when Nathan ask Haley to marry him.
Funniest Scene: The answering machine in 2X17
Favorite Naley and Jamie scene: The birth of Jamie.
Favorite Cheesy Naley Moment: ALl of them. I really can't choose. As a NH fan..I just can't.LOL
Best Haley Moment: Singing "Let me Fall" at Tric for the first time.
Best Naley Moment: When the NBA called up Nathan to play for the Bobcats.
A song that reminds you of Naley: Everything by Lifehouse
When did you fall in love with Naley: When Nathan was watching Haley/Lucas interact and asked Tim who was the girl hanging out with Lucas.
What makes them special to you: It's all about the golden chemistry between James and Joy. They don't need words to understand each other and they're ready to sacrifice everything for each other. Plus the love that they share is so special and unique. It's a rare love story.

Name: Megan
Age: 18
Location: Good 'ol TEXAS.
Favorite Naley Scene: I am going to cheat and make a "generalization" & say all of the NH make-up scenes: 1x22, 3x09, 5x05, 5x13, 7x06 ect.
Funniest Scene: The aftermath of Haley seeing Nathan publicly strip & her teasing him endlessly about it <3
Favorite Naley & Jamie scene: After Jamie cames back from being kidnapped && all three of them are hugging and crying. AW.
Favorite cheesy Naley moment: Definitely the answering machine scene. So freakin' cute. I love how Haley even told Nathan "Well we are a cheesy couple mister!" & not only was that scene cute/cheesy or whatever but it was also HAWT.
Best Haley Moment: When she came to Nathan's doorstep in the last episode of season 2 & so delicately whispered "hi."
Best Nathan Moment: Any moment where he is jealous, or like 'protecting' Haley. Examplesss-- When Felix hits on her, when Nathan threatens to beat up Chris in s2, and then actually does hit him in s3, and when K-fed slaps her.
A song that reminds you of Naley: 'Home'-by the Foo Fighters
When did you fall in love with Naley: Well it was so long ago, but I remember squealing when Haley came back to Nathan during the season two finale. However, I think the first time I was like "O-M-G i am obsessed/inlove (lol) with this couple was in episode nine of season three when they get back together. The last scene of that episode with them in bed linking hands was pure love.
What makes them so special to you: Honestly because they are the classic example of bad boy falls for nerd girl except they bring it to a whole never level. & plus the seriously have the BEST angst I have ever scene portrayed on screen.

Name: Michelle
Age: 18
Location: The Netherlands
Favorite Naley Scene: Their speeches at the second wedding
Funniest Scene The scene in season4 where Haley calls Nathan Fabio!
Favorite Naley & Jamie Scene Jamie's birth
Favorite Cheesy Scene:: The answering machine scene in season 2.
Best Haley Moment: Lucas she's in love with Nathan. (the chocolate milk scene after the balloon fight S1)
Best Nathan Moment: Coming to Haley after he collapsed in season1
A song that reminds you of Naley: More than Anyone by Gavin Degraw
When did you fall in love with Naley: In season 1 during the first tutorsession
What makes them special to you: The amazing chemistry between James & Joy!!

Name: Molly (dancingqueen)
Age: 16
Location: England
Favorite Naley Scene: 313 - The Rain <3
Funniest scene: Recording their voicemail in 219
Favorite Naley & Jamie Scene: TOMATO FIGHT (with Grubbs as well of course) or NH telling Jamie that Nathan was a bobcat now.
Favorite Cheesy Moment: 316 - 'Always? And Forever' So cheesy but Naley can get away with it!
Best Haley Moment: Gotta be bitchslapping Rachel!
Best Nathan Moment: Making it to the NBA in S6
A song that reminds you of Naley: More Than Anyone - Gavin Degraw
When did you fall in love with Naley: They're the typical love story with a twist; they both love each other so much and like Brooke said, they bring hope for everyone.
What makes them so special to you: It's probably their journey from Season 1 to where they are now. They were the first TV couple I shipped and still ship today.

Name: Sara
Age: 16
Location: midwest US Wink
Favorite Naley Scene: 3x22, when Nathan sees Haley riding in on the carriage.
Funniest Scene: 4x15, writing the list and "how many girls have you slept with fabio?"
Favorite Naley & Jamie Scene: 5x18, all of them jumping in the pool together.
Favorite Cheesy Moment: 6x24, "You're in the NBA?"
Bes Haley Moment: 5x01, Haley telling Nathan she won't put up with his behavior anymore.
Best Nathan Moment: 2x13, when Nathan is falling apart after Haley left for the tour.
A song that reminds you of Naley: Lucky by Bif Naked
When did you fall in love with Naley: Right off the bat from the first tutoring session I liked them, but after their first kiss I loved them.  Their chemistry was undeniable, so cute!
What makes them so special to you: Partly that they are the couple of all couples on the show, if anyone will make it, they will.  And while the good girl falling for the bad boy story may have been told a million times, I love Naley's twist on it.  And like Mark says, James and Joy have that 'lightning in a bottle' chemistry that just makes them great to watch, whether it's super cheesy and happy or dramatic and sad.

Name: Serena
Location: UK, Cardiff
Favorite Naley Scene: 3x17 in Nathans bedroom
Funniest Scene: No sex pact
Favorite Naley & Jamie Scene: 5x14 The cute moment in the bed
Favorite Cheesy Moment: All the 'Dont say i never gave you anything' scenes
Best Haley Moment: I loved her graduation speech scene, joy was so funny/cute in that
Best Nathan Moment: His speech to Haley at the press conference after he finds out she's pregnant
A song that reminds you of Naley: Dare you to move by Switchfoot, all the time! they did such a good job picking it for their first kiss
When did you fall in love with Naley: I've loved them since season 1, joy/james just have a chemistry that draws you in they play Naley so well
What makes them so special to you: They are the epitome of true love and are willing to sacriice anything for eachother, They are eachothers dreams and its just so nice to see that kind of love shown on tv for a change

Name: Sonia
Age: 20
Location: France
Favorite Naley Scene: 3x01 , flashback scene when they are in Nathan's room
Funniest Scene: 4x12, when Hales try all her prom dress but they are all to small for her and Nathan comes in the room.
Favorite Naley & Jamie scene: 6x06, when they are all in Jamie's bed
Favorite cheesy Naley moment: 2x17 ! Answering Machine
Best Haley Moment: 5x10 the fight with Nathan about Carrie ! She was incredible
Best Nathan Moment: (there is a lottt it's too hard to choose juste one lol) 4x10 when Haley was in the Hospital ! It was so heartbreaking !
A song that reminds you of Naley: there is a lottt too but if i have to choose one it would be More thanAnyone
When did you fall in love with Naley: Immediatly when i start watch the show ! It was during the 1st season
What makes them so special to you: They are so strong together ! They can live appart ! When one is hurt the other is hurt too ! Because like Brooke said they'd make us all believe in true love (i know it's cheesyy lool) ! I loved them thanks to James & Joy too because they have a great chemistry together, we can almost believe that's they are really in love lol !

Name: Shannon.
Age: 20.
Location: Massachusetts!
Favorite Naley Scene: I honestly don't even know. LOL. It's so hard to choose. Can I pick one from each season? I don't know if I can even do that.
S1: Their first "I love you". That whole episode, really.
S2: Either the answering machine or the ultimatum. The tensity and angst was nothing short of heartbreaking.
S3: 3.09 kiss OR the scene in Nathan's bed from 3.01. Loved that. <3
S4: Either the end of 4.03 or their scenes in 4.10.
S5: 5.10, hands down. <3
S6: 6.23, of course.
S7: So hard to choose, seriously. But I'm going to go with the end of 7.06. For now. LOL.
Funniest Scene: These questions are hard, LOL. I'm going to go with 6.07, though. When Haley pushed the mother of one of Jamie's bullies and then goes home to tell Nathan about it. I love when she asks him what he's going to do about the situation and he's like,  "I'm gonna call his mom a bitch and then shove her... Oh, WAIT. You already did that." haha.
Favorite Naley & Jamie Scene: I don't really like a lot of scenes with Jamie, lol. Does the scene at the end of 5.10 count? That's one of my favorite arguments between the two of them because so many of their emotions that had been building up inside of each of them were finally reaching the forefront. And you could tell that Jamie was having a tough time accepting what his parents were going through and was unsure as to how it would affect him. Plus, when he falls in the pool, it's sort of a breaking point for NH and I've always loved that.
Favorite Cheesy Naley Moment: Hm, I'll go with the answering machine scene from S2. I'm not sure if that's even my favorite, but whatever. It's such a cute and adorable scene. You could see how happy they were to be together and doing something so simple like recording your answering machine message. Plus, you know, it resulted in sex. Win/win.
Best Haley Moment: Hm, I guess I'd go with throwing her body in front of a speeding car in order to protect Nathan. LOL. I just love that they love each other enough to put themselves in physical harm in order to assure the other's well-being. And the best part is that they do it without a second thought. <3 I also loved that she was immediately concerned for Nathan in 7.17 when he mentioned the team doctor even though she had been going through enough as it is with her mother.
Best Nathan Moment: Well, my favorite thing that Nathan has ever done for Haley was in 3.16. I loved that he was so quick to decide to put his safety in jeopardy in order to make sure that Haley was okay. He started calling out for her and searching as soonnn as Brooke mentioned the gun, and once he realized he that Haley was in the tutor center, he ran into the school. <3 I also really, really love the whole Sixteen Candles/7.15 thing he did for her as well. <3
A song that reminds you of Naley: A song that hasn't been on the show? "Screaming Infidelities" by Dashboard Confessional has already reminded me of NH in S2, specifically Nathan's mindset. I think the lyrics are perfect for how he was feeling and how the Haley/Chris debacle not only broke his heart, but it also made him feel insecure, which was something that he wasn't necessarily familiar with.

Otherwise, "Running" by No Doubt has also always reminded me of them, mostly in S5 and perhaps representing Haley more than Nathan. I always felt that the lyrics were in tune with Haley and how she also felt insecure during this time (psycho nanny), as well as hurt that she wasn't able to help Nathan come back from his accident as soon as she would have liked. I think it was a tumultuous time for her and their marriage in general, yet she never honestly wanted to throw in the towel, she wanted to keep fighting and she wanted Nathan to help her with the battle.
When did you fall in love with
When did you fall in love with Naley:
I had been a fan of them since I started watching in S1, but once I caught up with S2 and 3, I really, really started to love them as a couple. More than any of the others on the show. I don't know why, but their story has always just drawn me in the most.
What makes them so special to you: I'm going to take my answer from the interview for a fan and put it in here. LOL.

I love that they love each other unconditionally no matter what. They're willing to make sacrifices to be together or for one another so that they can do something that makes them happy. They can be happy just knowing that the other is happy. They fight through their problems and come out stronger than before, instead of just taking the easy way out and giving up. They're so supportive of each other. Joy recently said that NH love each other enough to fight for communication and fight whatever it is that they're going through, and that's one of the major reasons I love them.

Plus, James and Joy have such great chemistry together and it just makes it that much better to watch their scenes. If it had been different actors, I probably wouldn't feel the same about them.

Name: Stephanie (xxxOTH.NHxxx)
Age: 24
Location: NYC
Favorite Naley scene: 3x01 Ė the whole flashbackÖ
Funniest Scene: 4x15 Ė Nathan being confusing while Haley go back and forth on what she want from him..
Favorite Naley & Jamie scene: 6x06 Ė the last scene of Nathan/Haley/Jamie in Jamieís bed to protect each other..
Favorite Cheesy Naley Moment: 2x17 Ė the phone message scene...
Best Haley Moment: 3x07 Ė ďYou know the moment that I left the tour? We were playing this club in Illinois, and Chris decides to do a cover of an í80s song called Missing You. And everybody starts singing along. The crowdís loving it and they turn the house lights up. And I could see every face out there and I fell apart. Onstage in front of 3,000 people, I lost it. I couldnít sing, I couldnít hear the music, nothing. ĎCause that was the moment that I knew that none of it could ever be enough w/o you. All of the celebrity and all of the applause and all the pretty melodies couldnít fill your void in my heart.Ē
Best Nathan Moment: 2x01 Ė the whole proposal scene.. It show how much he want to spend the rest of his life w/ her..
A song that reminds you of Naley: Everything by Lifehouse
When did you fall in love with Naley: In S2 Ė Nathan was heartbroken when Haley left for tour.. It made me cry when he was showing that he really fell hard for Haley and made me want to know what will happen to two of themÖ
What makes them so special to you: When I look at them and all I can say one word.. Wow.. I mean, who knew theyíre still together after the whole craps that theyíve been going through.. They gave me hope to have that one day because what they have for each other was so real and they bust their asses for itÖ Like Cooper said, ďLove is a pretty great thing. Maybe itís the greatest thing. But itís got to be true love for the both of you. If it still is, you fight like hell for it. But the harder question is, ďwhat if it wasnít?ĒÖ So both of them did fought like hell to prove that theyíre meant to be and they didnít give up when things go hard to show that theyíre true loveÖ

Name: TantheCan [Tanvee]
Age: 20
Location New York
Favorite Naley Scene: Hmm, my all time favorite Naley scene is when they're lying in bed together and she asks him whether he thinks she's fat or has a small head and he tells her that the reason he's been going to the bridge is to find the bracelet.
Funniest Scene: The scene right after Haley gets into a fight with Chuck's Mom.
Favorite Naley & Jamie Scene: When he's born.
Favorite Cheesy Naley Moment: The scene when they're sitting on the football field and the sprinklers come on. Its Naley and rain, which makes life perfect.
Best Haley Moment: All the moments of her trying to hide that she had lost the ring/her trying to find the ring.
Best Nathan Moment: The entirety of the episode when Haley was in the hospital after she got run over by Dante.
A song that reminds you of Naley: Everything by Lifehouse
When did you fall in love with Naley: First time they had their scene together way back in Season One. I've been with them from the start.
What makes them so special to you: Where to begin... The only stable couple on the show, in my opinion. They embody love in all its forms, and they've gone through everything together, yet they're still madly in love with each other and nothing can change that. They're both not perfect people, but when they're together nothing can stop them. They look AMAZING together. Like Brooke says, they make you believe in love.

Name: Trish/ JamieScott
Age: 18
Location: Ontario
Favorite Naley Scene: 2x17- the answering machine scene
Funniest Scene: 6x20- when Nathan talks about the mathketball school and Nathan says ďmore like mathholesĒ and then shouts ďit was a C+Öand you were my tutorĒ
Favorite Naley & Jamie Scene: 6.06- at the end when they all crawl into bed with Jamie
Favorite Cheesy Naley Moment: 3x17- when Nathan talks Haley on the football field and the sprinklers go off
Best Haley Moment: 5x02- when Haley smashed the beer bottles and became furious with Nathan
Best Nathan Moment: 6x24- when telling Haley he was in the NBA, the tears in his eyes were just incredible
A song that reminds you of Naley: Love Story- Taylor Swift
When did you fall in love with Naley: Since when she first tutored him and he gave her the bracelet
What makes them so special to you: Iíve been able to watch them grow as individuals and most importantly as a couple. Theyíve been through so much together and still manage to rise on top of it all. Their relationship really makes you realize that at any age a person can potentially fall in love. Iíve been a loyal fan since s1 and they always continue to put a smile on my face, I love Naley always and forever and theyíre just the most amazing couple on television and not to mention the most hottest too!

Name: veronica
Age: 19
Location: Southern California
Favorite Naley Scene: 2.01 (the ending scene)
Funniest Scene: "I told you I was sexy haley. Don't lie." and "How many girls have you slept with, fabio?"
Favorite Naley & Jamie Scene: when naley tell jamie nathan is in the NBA
Favorite Cheesy Moment: the phone message scene
Best Haley Moment: When she came back for Nathan
Best Nathan Moment: when he made it to the NBA
A song that reminds you of Naley: "Lie in the sound" trespassers william
When did you fall in love with Naley: season 2 when Haley went on tour and Nathan was so heartbroken
What makes them so special to you: Their chemistry and love for each other. You don't see that in any other couple and that's what makes them so special to me. Also the fact that I can spend hours rewatching their scenes and not get sick of them and their sometimes cheesy scenes.
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Re: ~*Always and Forever Naley Fans*~
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Haley:  Can I help you?
Nathan:  I hope so, youíre my tutor.
Haley: rightÖI donít think so.
Nathan:  Youíre Haley James, right?
Haley: Iím sorry, Iím best friends with Lucas
Nathan: Well then Iím sorry too.

Haley: I looked over your english exam, and if you really wanna learn, I can help you.
Nathan:  Thatís great, alright
Haley : JustÖ I have 2 conditions. One, Lucas does not find out ok, ever. And number two, you leave him alone.
Nathan: I really donít have much of a choice, do I?

Nathan: Itís for you.
Haley: come on, stop itÖ
Nathan: Donít say I never gave you anything.
Haley: Do you see this book? This book is me, I am Math.
Nathan: Whatís that supposed to mean?
Haley: Itís supposed to meanÖthat you can work your whole ĎIím Nathan Scott Mr. bigpshot, scoring my touchdownsí on somebody elseÖ.
Nathan: I donít even play football!
Haley: Whatever! The point is, at the end of the day all your bluster and BS donít mean anything to math, because math donít care. And neither do I.
Nathan: Well does English care? Cause I really suck at that too.

Nathan: I'm glad you stayed. I wanted to thank you for holding back.
Haley: What do you mean?
Nathan: Jerk is pretty tame, you could have called me a lot worse. I probably deserved it.
Haley: Look i've been thinking a lot about this tutoring thing, i'm sorry, I just don't think it's a good idea.

Nathan: I know you have no reason to do this, and i know it's just going to complicate things with Lucas but i really need your help.
Haley: And i will find you someone else, i promise.
Nathan: No, I came to you because your the best tutor at the school and your not gonna tear me down. It's not exactly easy having everybody know you're failing. It's you or nobody else.
Haley: Okay, i will get you through the semester and then you've got to be on your own.
Nathan: That's totally fine with me.

Nathan: What are you, my tutor or my shrink?
Haley: Whatever you need.

Nathan: Check that out.
Haley: An 84? That's so great.

Nathan: Haley! You coming to the game tonight?
Haley: I donít knowÖ
Nathan: You should comeÖwe always beat the crap out of the Pinkerington HicksÖ.itís definitely worth the road trip. Iíll look for ya.
Haley: OkÖ

Haley: I made you a study guide, and everything you need to ace your history exam is right in this little box of tricks hereÖ
Nathan: why donít you just text message me the answers?
Haley: OH! So um, just give me a call if you need anything, ok?

Nathan: You're the most patient person I know. You don't go postal on me during tutoring and you don't treat me like I'm some kind of moron. I really appreciate that. I know I have no right to ask, but we never do anything just fun together.

Haley: Well who do you want to be, Nathan?
Nathan: I want to be somebody who's good enough to be seen with you.
Haley: Well you should have thought of that last night. I keep putting myself out there and you keep blowing it, and it's probably a good thing because at this point there is nothing you can say or do that's gonna surprise me...except that. You shoudln't have done that Nathan.
Nathan: I wanted to.

Haley: We canít do this right now!
Nathan: We just did! AlrightÖIíll kiss you later.

Nathan: I think I should get back to the madness, but heyÖif I couldÖIíd stay like this all day.
Haley: mmm okÖNathan, about last nightÖ
Nathan: Hey, itís not about sex with me, ok? When youíre ready, Iíll be too.

Nathan: Jerk never called you back, did he? Believe me, you donít wanna talk to him anyways.
Haley: What are you doing here?
Nathan: Look, Iím sorryÖ
Haley: noÖIím glad youíre back.

Haley: I think youíre really brave, to consider rebuilding who you are. I donít know if I could do that.
Nathan: You could.

Nathan: Acutally, I think Iím gonna cut out of here a little early. Wanna join me?
Haley: Are you serious?
Nathan: Yea, why not? You up for it?
Haley: IÖI canít Nathan!
Nathan:Alright, well look. I gotta get out of here soÖIíll catch you later
Haley: okÖ.you know what? Catch me now!

Haley: So, are we trying to get killed?
Nathan: I told you, my dadís in Charlotte! Itís okÖ.Iíve never seen you like this!
Haley: Now you have.

Nathan: Haley, Iíve had a lot of fun with you lately, butÖIím trying to apologize, for dragging you out of class the last couple of days.
Haley: O, NathanÖI had fun
Nathan: And you got an F on your exam.
Haley: well, so what. I make my own choices, and I choose to be with you.
Nathan: Thatís the thing. Look, I like to be with you too. But the real Haley, the one I got all crushed out on, ya know? I donít want to see you change. I like you. And I like the fact that someone like you sees something in me.

Haley: Iíll come if you want me to.
Nathan: No, I wasnít seriousÖI wouldnít put you through that.
Haley: No, I meanÖif youíre asking, then of course! My answer is yes.
Nathan: WellÖthen Iím asking.
Haley: Then Iím coming!

Nathan: Haley, youíve got that lookÖ
Haley: What look?
Nathan: The look you get when you wanna tell me something, but you donít really wanna tell me.
Haley: No I donít! And you shouldnít know that look yet.

Haley: Goodnight, Iím here if you need me, ok?
Nathan: you remember how I said my familyís so screwed up, nothing new would make a difference? I was wrong.

Haley: Come on, this is embarrassing! I want you to think Iím not embarrassing.
Nathan: You donít embarrass me, Haley...ok that wasnít prefectÖbut it also wasnít embarrassing. It was actually kinda sexy.

Nathan: Lucas is awake. I was there when he opened his eyes, I went to see him.
Haley: Why?
Nathan: Cause I knew you couldnít. I wanted him to know you were thinking about him.
Look, I know it was wrong for me to go after you for the reasons I did, but I can't apologize for it. I'm glad I did it. I'm not that person anymore, and it's because of you. Let me take you to him.

Nathan: Is this a new outfit?
Haley: He noticed. Yes, it is, itís all part of the new me. Do you like?
Nathan: Yeah but lookÖwhatís wrong with the old you?
Haley: Nothing, I just thought Iíd branch out into some new things.
Nathan: This could be good. Like what?
Haley: I donít knowÖthereís a lot of stuff I wanted to try that I never did.
Nathan: Like fooling around with meÖ
Haley: No! likeÖsnowboarding!
Nathan: Well, I can teach you how to do that too.

Nathan: I realized that if I'm going to live in the moment, I just wanna live in it with you. So were you serious about doing something for me?
Haley: Well it dependsÖwhat is it? (Nathan looks at piano) NathanÖcome onÖ
Nathan: nowís your chanceÖcome on you said that youíd do anything to help me, and this would really help me take my mind off things.

Nathan: Howís it going?
Haley: Well in a startling new development, looks like Iím going to be joining you at the classic.
Nathan: You and me in the same hotel? This weekend just got interestingÖ
Haley: Down boy!

Haley: You scared me!
Nathan: Weíre not allowed to have girls in our room, I had to keep it covertÖhang out for a little while.
Haley: Oh, I canítÖI gotta meet Lucas for pizza in the lobby, Iím already late.
Nathan: So be later, weíve got a whole hotel room to ourselvesÖ

Haley: I'm kinda filling in for Theresa.
Nathan: Works for me, i've got a thing for cheerleaders.
Haley: Oh yeah?

Haley: Can you believe it?!
Nathan: You did awesome!

Nathan: So Iím heading back to the apartment, sure you donít wanna get that cheerleading uniform back?
Haley: Shut up!

Nathan: Hey I didnít hear you come in
Haley: Well you didnít hear your alarm clock either
Nathan: Thatís cause it didnít go off, not everyone gets up at 6 geezÖ
Haley:Well, time to get up

Nathan: I think that youíre my girlfriend, and I like to spend time with you. Look I just donít want to push you.
Haley: Youíre not.
Nathan: But I am. Haley, you got a tattoo for god sakes. It just freaks me out a little bit, because obviously this whole thing with us means a lot to you. I just donít want to do anything to pressure you. Or drive you away, even though sometimes I canít help it. Just like I canít help that I fell in love with you. Cause I did. I love you, Haley. And it scares me a little bit, but, there it is.
Haley: Wow. There it is. I love you too.

Haley: I had the weirdest dreamÖthere was this rapping at my window at 4 in the morning, followed by my boyfriend, who has his own apartment by the way, asking if he can crash in my room. Wait a secondÖ
Nathan: I had to get out of there.
Haley: did I mention this was a recurring dream? What is this, the 4th time in 2 weeks. Not that Iím complaining, but doesnít that defeat the purpose of having your own place?
Nathan: Tim keeps bringing over all these hot chicks, which is a problem cause none of them are youÖ

Haley: What?
Nathan: youíre just lucky Timís here, cause I got a thing for girls named Haley James
Haley: Really, well youíre lucky Timís here tooÖ
Nathan and Haley: Tim, go home.

Haley: I gave you my heart. Thatís all that I can give to you and if thatís not enough for you, then Iím not enough for you.

Haley: Is that it?
Nathan: You know, my pride says yeah, thatís it. Just walk away and let Haley deal with the fact that sheís clearly threatened by a sexual relationship. But my heart says, just forget about your pride you idiot. You love this girl. And even if youíre going to catch pneumonia, your ass is going to stand out here in the rain till you convince her to forgive you. Just come on, HalesÖjustÖmeet me half way here?
Haley: Why should I?
Nathan: Because I love you. And because youíre looking really hot standing out here in the rain, and Iím thinking, I have to kiss you.
Haley: Well, if you have to.

Nathan: Haley?
Haley: It's okay..

Nathan: You know Iím here for you.
Haley: I know you areÖ What if weíre not good together? What if it drives us apart?
Nathan: It wonít. Look, Haley, I want to be with you. And if you donít want to be with me, I guess I understand, but, this isnít going to change anything.
Haley: Tonight then, after the game.

Nathan: Hales! Donít cryÖHaley we donít have to do this tonight.
Haley: No, I want to! More than ever.
Nathan: you sure?
Haley: Yea. No regrets.

Lucas: I thought you werenít ready. I thought you were gonna wait until you got married? I just didnít expect you toÖ
Haley: Well we did. We did wait.
Lucas: What are you talking about Haley?
Haley: We got married last night.

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Re: ~*Always and Forever Naley Fans*~
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Nathan: I could love you forever.
Haley: So could I.
Nathan: Youíre my family now, Haley. The true thing I have. I never wanna lose you.
Haley: You won't. What?
Nathan: Marry me.

Nathan: Hey you.
Haley: Hi, I had the strangest dream. I dreamt we actually got married last night.
Nathan: Thatís weird. I had the same dream.

Haley: I saw your dad before the game and he wasnít happy about us dating. Whatís he going to say now?
Nathan: Itís not about him. Weíre married now Haley. Iím never going to hide that.

Haley: I love your son very much Mrs. Scott.
Deb: Tell me what, Nathan?
Nathan: We got married.

Haley: No matter  what happens next I want you to know that if my parents say yes I will marry you, okay? I would.

Haley: We made a mistake, Nathan.
Nathan: Haley..
Haley: I'm not, I'm not ready for this. I just really wanna go home to my room, You know, Iím not a wife. Iím not even a senior!
Nathan: Haley. Haley, listen this is not a mistake.
Haley: How can you be sure because there is nobody that thinks this thing can work.
Nathan: I do. I promise you Haley. I will always be there for you, I will always protect you. OK? I will always protect you. Always.

Nathan: Someday this beach might wash away, the oceans may dry, the sun could dim but on that day, Iíll still be loving you. Always and forever. I promise you, Haley.
Haley: I Haley, take you Nathan, to have and to hold, from this day forward. In sickness and in health. For richer or poorer. For better or worse. I promise that I will love and cherish you and will deny all those that would come between us. I make this promise for eternity. I promise that I will keep forever until the end of time. Till death do us part.

Haley: Excellent right back at you BIL.
Lucas: OK, Iíve been gone for, what, few days and you already forgotten my name? Whoís Bill?
Haley: B-I-L! Brother In Law. Thatís you!
Lucas: Oh, crap. Iím related to you?
Nathan: Hey! Get your own wife.
Lucas: OK, that just sounds weird.

Lydia: In-laws are like the FBI honey. They have a system and they follow it. First maneuver is youíre ruining her childís life.
Jimmy: Yeah, then it goes to she can't cook.
Lydia: Her house is dirty.
Jimmy: We found some hash. in the guestroom.
Lydia: Thereís only one way to deal with them kiddo.
Jimmy: Screw em. I mean, you know, donít actually have sex with them.
Lydia: You wanted this, Haley. Time to grow up. By the way, the dog threw up on Mr Waffles.

Whitey: there was a time where I was young and in love, like the two of you. Here. Camilla stitched that in the first year of our marriage. Itís a baby blanket. I think she wouldíve liked it to go to two people she would have been very fond off.
Haley: coach thatís so sweet of you, thank you. But im not pregnant.
Whitey: Well you never know, he is a Scott after all.

Deb: I am not going to stand here and make nice and pretend like this is all OK when it isnít.
Haley: Then donít! Itís one thing for you to raise your voice at me but donít come in here and dump on my parents! We made our decision, we got married and we're happy and if youíre not here to celebrate with us, then you should just go home because I donít want you here!

Haley: You know whatís weird? Even with my parents leaving town, I have never felt safer in my life.
Nathan: You know whatís weirder? Seeing you take my momís head off back there actually kinda turned me on.
Haley: Five minutes in the elevator?
Nathan: How bout right here?

Jimmy: I guess itís no surprise that some would criticize us, call us unfit parents.
Lydia: And normally, they would be right.
Jimmy: And for those who say theyíre too young, let me just say: hell you can drive at sixteen,
go to war at eighteen, you can drink at twenty-one, and retire at sixty-five so how old do you have to be before your love is real?
Lydia: So hereís to you Haley Bob, and Nathan, sheís your headache now.
Lucas: I think everybody knows that Nathan and I got of to a pretty sketchy start. Nathan, mutual hatred sound about right?
Nathan: Worse!
Lucas: Yeah. You see, then a funny thing happened: Haley. She showed me that you can find the good in everybody,, if you just give them a chance. The benefit of the doubt. Sometimes, people disappoint you. Sometimes they surprise you. But you never really get to know themÖuntil you listen for whatís in their hearts and thatís what Haley did with Nathan. Thatís what we should do for them. So for you skeptics out there, prepare to be surprised. So this is to my brother and my little sis in-law, and in love.

It's living proof people need to be together.

Haley: Just remember, you're married now...

Haley: How was the stripper?
Nathan: Pretty good... at NBA Live. Other than that, I had no interest in her. I actually had to ask her to leave. How was the shower?
Haley: It was educational...
Nathan: Oh yeah? Whatíd you learn?
Haley: What I already knew. You are the one that I want.
Nathan: Yeah, me too.

Nathan: Are writing a song or are you planning on killing me?
Haley: Ugh officially I'm writing a new song, unofficially I'd watch your back.

Haley: Dude, I'm totally married.

Nathan: Haley, we can get a car anytime.
Haley: With what? Magic beans?

Nathan: If I'd known you couldn't play any better than that, I wouldn't have brought it home. I want to apologize. All right? That was your money too.
Haley: Oh, it's not that Nathan. I totally overreacted. Partly because I love this gift, and I love you for getting it for me. But partly because we just can't be as careless as we used to be. Not if we wanna make this marriage work.
Nathan: I know, you're right and I don't know the first thing about managing money, it was just always around.
Haley: Yeah, well, at least you don't have that problem anymore.

Nathan: What are these auditions?
Haley: Peyton is having an all ages night at Karenís club.
Nathan: When do you go on?
Haley: Not, stop it.
Nathan: Hales!
Haley: Its one thing to play at home for you, its another to get in front of a crowd and do it.

Nathan: How were the auditions?
Haley: You shouldn't have given that music to Peyton!
Nathan: She liked it, didnít she?
Haley: Yeah, but I'm mad.
Nathan: Hales, you wouldn't hear it from me. Besides, I'm supposed to believe in you when you don't believe in yourself. Thatís what you've always done for me.
Haley: Okay, I'm not mad anymore.

Nathan: You know what it's like to hit a game-winning shot. The whole crowd loves you. Everybody treats you like you're a star. I get to feel that every time I play. I mean, you know, you've felt it. Now it's Haley's turn. I mean, she's an incredible musician, Luke, and she's ready to give it a shot. So, if I go to camp now for 3 months, who knows where her head's gonna be? I just really want her to feel like, the thrill of the crowd. She deserves it.
Lucas: What about your future?
Nathan: I already know my future. It's with Haley.

Nathan: Sheís ready. Didnít you once tell me that there was such a thing as over preparation?
Haley: Yeah, for a math midterm. This is like... avoiding public humiliation.
Lucas: You're gonna do great.

Lucas: You did a really great thing for her Nate.
Nathan: No, she did it all by herself.

Nathan: This is your night, go, enjoy, and I'll see you at home.

Nathan: Do we really have to go to this stupid dance?
Haley: Alright, well maybe not, once I get you in that tux, Ill decide weíll stay in.
Nathan: Just donít leave me alone with them.
Haley: I wont, I promise.

Karen: The king and queen areÖ Nathan & Haley Scott!
Haley: Nathan, I told you the song isn't ready yet.
Nathan: I know but you're too critical, everyone is going to love it. This is your night Hales, I want it too be perfect. Wait, is that.. Is that Chris? You told me that I was in Charlotte when you recorded this, You were with Chris and you didnít tell me?
Haley: Nathan, I was going to tell you, I swear.
Nathan: Yeah? Youíre a little late. For the second time tonight.

Nathan: I spend the whole night waiting for you, planning everything, dodging my parents all while you were with Chris.
Haley: Can we leave him out of this?
Nathan: Why? Are you into him?
Haley: You know, it really hurts me that you really have to ask me that.
Nathan: Not as much as it hurts me.

Nathan: It's not about the camp, Haley. It's about trust. I want you to stop working with Chris.
Haley: He's incredibly talented, Nathan.
Nathan: I want you to stop seeing him.
Haley: I won't do that.

Chris: Whatís up? Looking for your wife?
Nathan: Youíre funny. Youíre also done messing with Haley.
Chris: Canít you trust her? I mean, isnít that what this is about? You love her, you married her, but can you trust her? 'Cause if you can, you got nothing to worry about, right? Come on, man, I donít have a problem with you.
Nathan: You see, you do have a problem with me, a big problem! You could smile and act cool if you want to but the fact is, man, I used to destroy guys like you. Daily. Itíd be a shame if something happened to this hand, you couldnít play that little guitar anymore, huh? Just like itíd be a shame if you were taking advantage of Haley. Donít cry, rock star, it'll ruin your make-up..

Nathan: Whats going on with you?
Haley: I heard about your heart.
Nathan: I'm fine.
Haley: Are you sure? I'm not gonna see Chris anymore. I donít want him to come between us, I donít want anything to come between us.

Nathan: Do you need any help with that?
Haley: Sure..

Nathan: Itís not really any of your business but the truth is, whoever my first was, wasnít nearly as important as my last.

Nathan: All right. My first time was at this party at my parentís beach house. I was pretty wasted and I never really saw the girl again. Until now.
Haley: Until now?
Nathan: Haley, listen, I swear, I hadnít even heard of you when this happened, okay?
Haley: Taylor?
Nathan: Iím sorry, I just, look she threatened to tell you and I just thought you should hear it from me.
Haley: You slept with my sister?
Nathan: This was like two years ago! I look, I didnít know you. I didnít even know there was gonna be a you.
Haley: I should go..

Haley: Iím really sorry, Nathan. I overreacted. What happened with you and Taylor was a long time ago and I just donít have any right to be angry.
Nathan: Wow, I am in the wrong apartment.
Haley: Besides, the things we did in the past donít mean anything, right?
Nathan: Well, you donít have to worry anymore. I went through your family album and I havenít slept with any of your other sisters. Listen Haley, look, I donít wanna hurt you but I donít wanna lie to you either, cause I know how honest you are with me.

Haley: What am I gonna do, Taylor?
Taylor: Hang in there. Eventually, heíll forget about me.
Haley: Im serious. I love Nathan, this is all really confusing.
Taylor: Because you kissed Chris?
Haley: No, because I'm jealous of what Chris has. You know; his music, the freedom to persuade his dream. And that kiss made it a lot messier. I really donít know what to do.
Taylor: I am the wrong girl to ask for advice. You wanna know why I really got the tattoo? When a scorpion is caught on fire, it stings itself to death.
Haley: Thatís a myth actually.
Taylor: Not in my life; When things are bad I always find a way to make them worse. The truth is Hay; youíve always been miles ahead of me, most of the time I feel like the little sister. You'll do the right thing, Haley Bob, you always do.

Haley: Michelle Branch likes my voice. She thinks I could be a singer. A real one. Chris said that she wants me on tour. I'm so far ahead with classes, and I'd be back in time for finals.
Nathan: So says the great Chris.
Haley: No, this isn't about him, Nathan, this is about opportunity. I have my entire life been the reliable one, and the dependable one. And I have always done precisely what is expected of me.
Nathan: Until we got married.
Haley: Exactly. And then I finally did something for me, something that I wanted. And the world didn't end. And I have that chance again.
Nathan: If you leave me...
Haley: This is not the end for us. This is my shot to find out if I am good enough to have a life in music. Or if nights at Tric are all I get.
Nathan: And this has nothing to do with Chris?
Haley: No, absolutely not.
Nathan: Then why haven't you asked me tocome with you? Did you kiss him?
Haley: Yes. I'm sorry, you have to believe me, that's not what this is about. Nathan...
Nathan: Haley, listen. If you want to, you should go. But if you do, we're done.

Haley: People expect the bride to look beautiful.
Nathan: Yeah? What about me?
Haley: Donít be silly, no one would ever expect that of you.
Nathan: Oh okay! That does it!
Haley: Nathan!
Nathan: If weíre gonna be late, weíre gonna have fun doing it. Now give me that shower massage!

Haley: Hi, this is Nathan and Haley Scott. Weíre not home right now so leave a message or not.
Nathan: Thatís the worst thing Iíve ever heard.
Haley: Shut up! It rhymed! I like it!
(Nathan erases message)
Haley: Fine lets just do one together.
Nathan: Wait a minute. Isnít that something that only really cheesy couples do?
Haley: Yeah, well we are a really cheesy couple, mister!
Nathan: Good point.
Haley: Hi, youíve reached Haley
Nathan: And Nathan. I live here too!
Haley: Yes Nathan lives here too because we are married!
Nathan: And we canít get to the phone right now because weíre ummÖ
Haley: Having sex. Weíre having really hot sex! Oh! Weíre still on! Leave a message!
Nathan: And weíll get back to you when weíre done!

Haley: My house isnít even my house anymore. Itís like my whole family just, like, packed up and left before my high school graduation.
Nathan: Not your whole family, Hales. You still have me. Iím not going anywhere. And your house is here too, itís just smaller and a lot more... appartmenty. NO listen, I may not always be able to give you everything but I can do this. Come on, lets go see your family.
Haley: Thank you. You know, as long as I have you I have everything I want. But weíre still going!

Haley: Nathan. Oh my god. What are you doing here?
Nathan: I wanted to see you. I needed to see you.
Haley: I'm so glad you did. I miss you.
Nathan: Listen, I asked you to marry me because I want to spend my life with you. I still want that. I love you, Haley.
Haley: I love you, too.
Nathan: So I came here for you, and I'll be here no matter what. I'll go with you on the tour. I'll wait for you. Whatever you want me to do. I'm not giving up on us. I'm not giving up on our marriage.
Haley: Wow... I don't know what to say. No, Chris and I aren't together. I promise you, it's never been about that.
Nathan: You're not wearing your ring.
Haley: I love you. I do. But I feel like maybe we rushed things a little bit... Maybe I rushed things a little bit. I wasn't ready for all this. You, and the music, and... now it's all happening at once, and it's really hard. I don't know if I can be who you need me to be.
Nathan: All I want you to be is my wife. Is that too much to ask?

Haley: You cant let him stop you from chasing your dreams.
Nathan: Thatís easy for you to say.
Haley: Dude, nothing is ever gonna happen if you donít put yourself out there, you gotta shoot for the stars.
Nathan: What about you? What are your dreams?
Haley: Chocolate.
Nathan: Seriously?
Haley: Yeah chocolate.. No, I kinda never told this to anyone but I kinda wanna be a singer.
Nathan: A singer?
Haley: Yeah. Tour the country, play concerts and wear really cool clothes and release an album.. Whatm you think thatís funny?
Nathan: No, but its just.. Haley, I've heard you sing.
Haley: Shut up! Just because I'm tone deaf doesnít mean I cant dream, okay?
Nathan: No you're right, I guess it doesnít..

Brooke: How do you do it?
Nathan: Do what?
Brooke: You gave up your familyís money to be poor, Nate.
Nathan: You know what they say Brooke; money can't buy love.

Nathan:: Donít come home, Haley.
Haley: Nathan, I have to come home.
Nathan: No, you donít. You have to go after your dream, just like I have to go after mine. Cause if we donít, then weíre just gonna end up regretting it, then weíre gonna end up resenting each other.
Haley: Nathan, I wouldnít...
Nathan: Yeah, but we donít know that. Nobody knows whatís gonna happen. Whatever choice you make today is gonna affect the rest of your life. So donít come home, Haley.
Haley: Nathan, listen...
Nathan: 'Cause I donít want you to.

Haley: Hi...

Shoutout to my haters! Sorry you couldn't phase me.


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Re: ~*Always and Forever Naley Fans*~
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Nathan: What are you doing here?
Haley: I want to come home Nathan.

Haley: I'm really sorry Nathan.
Nathan: About my dad or about us?
Haley: About everything.
Nathan: So what are you doing here anyway, tour playing Tree Hill?
Haley: No, they wanted me to become a solo artist and record a record or something, but it didnn't matter without you, none of it mattered without you...I made a lot of mistakes Nathan.
Nathan: That's right, and if you left the tour for me you made another one cause i'm leaving in the morning. I'm going to High Flyers.
Haley: Oh, well good. You deserve it, you deserve to have whatever you want.
Nathan: Listen, theres no more apartment and i put all your stuff in storage so you can spend the night in the guestroom if you want.
Haley: Nathan, there wasn't a moment when i was away that my heart wasn't with you in Tree Hill.
Nathan: That's great, but i'm still leaving in the morning and unlike you i'm taking my heart with me.

Haley: Nathan, you know when you took those drugs before the game where you collapsed, you made a mistake. But I know you promised yourself that if you had a second chance you would do things differently. I know that I hurt you but I promised myself that if I could get you to listen, I would tell you that there was never a day on that tour when I didn't think that you were the best part of my life.
Nathan: you can't just say that Haley, not after months of silence.

Haley: I understand if you donít love me anymore.
Nathan: Always and forever, that's what sucks Haley. I still do love you, I always will, I just canít trust you.

Haley: Nathan, Iím not going anywhere.
Nathan: Okay.

Nathan: Come on, weíll be late for class.

Haley: I just wanted you to want me again.
Nathan: Thatís not the problem Haley, trust me.

Nathan: Donít sleep on your music hales, itís a big part of who you are.
Haley: Yeah, so are you.

Nathan: I havent forgotten about our past Haley. I know where we got married, i know this is where we made love in the rain. I still feel our past just like you do. I just thought it might be nice to hang out in the present for tonight...What are you thinking?
Haley: Nothing, just praying for rain.

Nathan: I think about it a lot you know how this isnít the life you would have had if I didnít come along. It's not the life you should have had.
Haley: It's more.
Nathan: No it's not, you'd still have your music, you'd be on tour, you'd probably be a big star by now.
Haley: Come on..Okay, you know the moment that i left the tour, we were playing this club in Illinois and Chris decides to do a cover of this 80's song called 'Missing you'. And everybody's singing along the crowd's loving it and they turn the house lights up, and I could see every face out there, and I fell apart. on stage in front of 3,000 people i lost it. I couldn't sing, I couldn'y hear the music, nothing! Cause that was the moment that I knew that none of it could ever be enough without you. All the celebrity and all the pretty melodies couldn't fill your void in my heart. So, Yeah I guess your right, itís not the life I would have had, because ever since I met you it has been so much more.

Nathan: Iím writing my own prediction for this year, a year from now weíll see.
Haley: Whatís to keep me from sneaking up here and reading what you wrote?
Nathan: I guess Iíll just have to trust you.

Nathan: The roots are still there, it just takes time. Donít say I never gave you anything.

Haley: I know you have to focus on the game, but this was just mandatory. Youíre going to do great tonight.
Nathan: Weíll see.

Nathan: Did you wait out here for me?
Haley: Yeah, I just wanted to make sure you were okay..are you?
Nathan: Not really, but i do this thing when i play like crap where i walk home alone and try to let go of it along the way.
Haley: Okay, call me later if you want to talk or...

Nathan: Haley, stay with me tonight.
Haley: I was hoping you would say that.

Haley: Hey, Whatís up?
Nathan: I just wanted to see you.

Haley: I wanted to know if maybe you want to come over and I could cook and dinner and maybe breakfast.
Nathan: Iíd love to.

Nathan: You okay? Let me see, you just grazed it let me get you a band aid.
Haley: Kiss first.

Nathan: Haley, I'm sorry I wish i had an answer for all this school stuff. It's just if I tell you not to go to Stanford i'm telling you not to follow your dreams..again. If I tell you to go i'm saying I don't want to be with you. So what do you want me to say?
Haley: Say you love me?
Nathan: Of course I love you.

Haley: I decided to go to Duke.
Nathan: You can't go to Duke Hales and i don't want you to.
haley: You dont want me to? right! What was I thinking? because you told me that you loved after the basketball game and silly me I thought that feeling would last longer that I don't night!But then again, you're the guy who loved to rip the rug from out from underneath me just when I feel like we're getting some sort of stable ground.
Nathan: Haley..
Haley: And then you freak out after we have sex for the first time in God knows how long and by the way i know exactly how long it's been. And frankly i'm still pissed off at you about that birth control thing.
Nathan: Haley, you can't go to Duke because i'm going to Stanford.

Nathan: Until the lights come back on, itís just me, you and the darkness Hales.
Haley: That sounds kinda nice.

Nathan: I remember more than you think.

Haley: Nathan when I look back on the tour, Iím not like proud of it, because I know that you werenít proud of me.
Nathan: Is that what you think, that I wasnít proud of you?

Nathan: I was hurt Haley, but I was still proud of you, everyday...Wait, itís all getting ruined.
Haley: You donít need all that stuff, youíve got me.

Nathan: Stop it.
Haley: What?
Nathan: Whatever it is your worrying about just stop.
Haley: How do you know i'm worried?You didn't even open your eyes.
Nathan: You think I need to see you with my eyes to know whats going on with you, whats on your mind?
Haley: I was just wondering if maybe i should go home.
Nathan: Why would you do that?
Haley: Because I donít want to wake up and have you not be here again.
Nathan: Iíll be here, Iím not going anywhere.

Haley: What are we going to do about college?
Nathan: Weíll apply to both, and then weíll just wait and see.

Nathan: Is there room in there for me?
Haley: I thought youíd never ask.

Nathan: Letís have a proper sit down breakfast somewhere, family style.
Haley: Family style sounds perfect.

Nathan: Iím so proud of you and I love you, your going to be great out there okay? Youíve got nothing to worry about.
Haley: Except us.

Nathan: Donít be afraid to love it Haley, alright?
Haley: Okay.

Nathan: How awesome was my girl?
Haley: Hey, thanks.
Nathan: Look, I have a confession to make. I'm scared, I didn't want to say anything to you because i know how much this means to you and you deserve to have nights like this. Truth is i'm afraid to go through it all again.
Haley: Nathan, I can walk away from the music.
Nathan: It's not the music Hales, it's the rest of it. I'm afraid to be vulnerable again...with you.

Lucas: Nathan, someone has a gun in here.
Nathan: Lucas I know that okay, I know this is stupid. What if something happens to Haley, what if we walk away and something happens to Haley, are you going to live with that?

Haley: Always?
Nathan: And forever.

Haley: You shouldnít have come back for me. I love you for doing it, but I wish you were safe.
Nathan: I donít want to be safe without you.

Nathan: God I love you, I donít ever want to come that close to losing you again. Youíre going to be safe, okay?
Haley: I told you, Iím not going anywhere.

Nathan: I want us to live together. I want to be your husband again Haley.
Haley: That sounds so good to me.

Haley: I love this song. Do you think that's okay to love a song and feel good when you hear it, and laugh and be happy and be so in love with somebody your heart aches? I mean is that okay right now, or is it too soon?
Nathan: Itís never too soon to feel like that.

Nathan: If anything ever happens to me if you were to ever lose me, I want you to know how happy youíve made me, how wonderful my life was with you and how Iíll always be with you.
Haley: Nothingís going to happen to you.
Nathan: I know, you're right, but if it does I want you to be ok Haley and I want you to know you made me wanted rain..
Haley: It is not possible to be this in love.

Nathan: Over the past year i've learnt so much about life and love and even if I could, I wouldn't take back all the bad stuff that's happened between us. Cause it bought us here, this moment, this river. Marry me Haley, marry me again, in front of all our friends and our family.
Haley: Always, always and forever.

Nathan: I want to give you that wedding you always dreamed of.
Haley: I already had a dream wedding.
Nathan: No but you told me how you saw it. In the church gardens where your parents got married, with all the bridesmaids and groomsmen and flowers everywhere, I want that for you.
Haley: Okay, I guess unpacking can wait.

Nathan: Iím so glad youíre happy.
Haley: I am happy, it is everything that I dreamed it would be and Iím just so happy to be renewing my vows with you.

Nathan: This test doesnít show how hard weíve worked to keep this relationship together, or that I canít stand it when weíre apart or that every time I look at her I know that Iím going to be with her for the rest of my life.

Haley: What if we donít have sex until we get married you still love me?
Nathan: Well, are you kidding? Yeah, okay, but does that mean i can't still kiss you like this..
Haley: Okay, maybe we'll just start on the whole no sex thing tomorrow night.

Nathan: You sure you donít want to sleep with me till the ceremony? I know I look pretty sexy right now.

Haley: Does that ever hurt?
Nathan: No. The scar stopped hurting when my heart stopped hurting, right around the time you came home.

Nathan: I love you, you know that?
Haley: I love you too.
Nathan: You always help me.

Nathan: It doesnít matter what you wear, my girl is going to look beautiful.
Haley: Thank you.

Nathan:  Hey itís me, is everything okay?
Haley: Fine soon to be husband again, why?
Nathan: I just wanted to hear you voice that's all. Where are you?
Haley: I'm right here.

Haley: Nathan, itís been said that there is one word that will free us from the weight and pain of life. And, that word is love, and I believe that. It doesnít mean that it hasnít been hard or that it wont be. It just means that I found a stillness and bravery in myself with you. You make me brave, and I will love you till the end of time. This I vow today.
Nathan: Last year we stood on a beach and I told you how much I loved you and how I would always, always protect you. And, that day nobody believed that this would work. But, I donít think anybody understood the love that I had for you; because if the did they would have never doubted us. So I wanted to marry you all over again in front of most of our world. Because today, when I look into your eyes my love for you only grows. Itís even stronger now and that love will never waver. This I vow to you today and always, and forever.

Priest: Haley, on this day do you reconfirm and rededicate yourself to the vows you promised to uphold?
Haley: I do.
Priest: Nathan, on this day do you rededicate and reconfirm your commitment to the vows you promised to uphold?
Nathan: I do.

Haley: What song did you pick anyway? I was hoping it would be this one.
Nathan: I had a little help.

Lucas: They do something that's very rare to see in someone our age, actually itís rare to see in anybody, they give their hearts to each other unconditionally and that's what true love is.
Brooke: I look at Nathan and Haley and somehow I feel safer. I donít know if I can explain that but they give me hope.

Haley: Weíre going to London for a few days.
Lucas: Why, doesnít it always rain there?
Nathan: Oh yeah.

Nathan: I just got that feeling, that stillness I used to feel before dawn, the feeling that the world could be perfect.
Haley: Yeah I feel it too...Donít say I never gave you anything.

Haley: Nathan, donít.
Nathan: I love you.

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Re: ~*Always and Forever Naley Fans*~
« Reply #5 on: March 19, 2010, 01:56:01 AM »

Nathan: I love you.

Haley: Itís ok, youíre home. Youíre safe now.

Nathan: Should my mom have a gun? But am I going to let her stupidity or anything else stand in the way of my dreams? Not a chance.

Haley: I found your ball at home.
Nathan: I was kinda hoping you would.

Nathan: I need to be tutored. I think Iím failing marriage.
Haley: Did you try sleeping with the teacher?

Haley: You think Iím fat?
Nathan: What? No, of course not!
Haley: Do I have a little head?
Nathan: No, I love your head.

Nathan: Iím going to Duke.
Haley: Iím pregnant.

Nathan: You know my father said that today would be the greatest day of my life. And your right, dad, it is, but itís not because of basketball. You see today I learned that my wife, Haley, is pregnant. And while itís an absolute honor to be recruited by Duke University, I guess what I have to say to you today is this; where I play basketball, if I play basketball is no longer a decision for me to make alone. Itís a decision Iíll make with my wife and my families best interest in mind. And when I do I will let you all know. Now my wife couldnít be here today so I just wanted to say one thing to her. Haley, no matter what happens weíll face it together and I promise you Iíve never been happier.  Everythingís going to be ok and I love you.

Nathan: You know I thought it was a miraclethat I survived that accident and I guess I never really felt worthy of it. But now I know that that miracle wasnít for me, it was for us. All threeof us.

Haley: Ok, Iím sorry. Weíre gonna have a family soon and I just need that guy from the press conference to tell me that everything is going to be ok again.

Haley: Nothing can stop us now! Except thatÖ

Haley: Thank you for doing it for me. Thank you for doing it for us.

Nathan: How did I get so lucky?
Haley: It helps that youíre hot.

Haley: Have you guys seen a little girl and boy? Blonde hair, blue eyes, really loud!

Nathan: For the first time in awhile I feel that everything is going to be ok.

Haley: As long as you are a good husband and a good father to your son. Itís a boy, Nathan. Youíre going to have a son. Although one day I have to tell you heís gonna tease his father for playing like crap in the state championship.

Haley: You did it!
Nathan: We did it!

Haley: Weíre fineÖWeíre all going to be fine.

Nathan: Hey baby, you know how youíre always telling me that youíre not going anywhere? Well I need to hold you to that right now, ok? I just need you to come back to me right now. Listen, just move one of your fingers if you can hear me, ok? Just move one of those beautiful fingers and let me know that youíre still here with me.

Haley: HiÖ
Nathan: Hi!

Doctor: You understand that there are no guarantees with this, but as long as we can locate a heartbeat there is no reason to expect for this baby not to be perfectly healthy.

Nathan: Listen, I should get going, Iím gonna be late for school. Karen is going to come by later to check on you and Iíll swing by at lunch to bring you some soup.
Haley: Ok, some chichken noodle with extra nood-
Nathan: With extra noodles. Iím on it.

Nathan: Iím sorry. Ok, I never wanted to hurt you. And Iím sorry for all the ways that I did.
Haley: I know youíre sorry and you didnít want to hurt me. But I need to know that youíre going to be honest with me.
Nathan: I promise!
Haley: I need to know that you will let me in, Nathan. I mean all the way in.
Nathan: I will. Ok, if thatís what it takes then Iíll let you in. Itís just that sometimes Iím afraid that if I do youíll see the real me. The guy I was before you. Iím not proud of that person, the one that I used to be, but if I have to be that guy to keep you safe then thatís who Iím going to be. Look, if you want me to apologize for defending you or fighting back when somebody hurts you, I canít do that. I wonít do that, because the truth is thatís a guy that Iíll never be. Someone who just stands by and watches while the world hurt you. Now can you understand that?

Haley: How do I look in this?
Nathan: Is there right answer to that question?

Nathan: Just how naked do we have to get?

Nathan: They actually have prom dresses in the maternity section. Who knew?

Nathan: You would do that for her?
Haley: No, but I would do that for you.

Haley: The babyís just really kicking.

Haley: Iíll make it easy for ya. Take the phonebook and cross off every girl you havenít been with.

Haley: How many girls have you slept with, Fabio?

Haley: The list...I just read the one written by the man I fell in love with. I didnít need the one written by that other boy.

Haley: I so broke that camera.

Haley: No thank you. Pregnant girl in a prom dress with a broken down car is urban legends get started. Iím coming with you.

Haley: Dude! Itís prom!

Nathan: You still want to be a teenager?
Haley: Oh my god!

Haley: Haley and I will be together again by graduation. Did you really believe that?
Nathan: I was in a pretty dark place back then but I never stopped believing in us.

Nathan: Anyone ever tell you that youíre kinda pretty, Haley James Scott?

Haley: Youíre my forever. My always. God, the way you look at me sometimesÖ

Nathan: For the past few months I have been freaked out about being a dad. But lately, I know itís going to be ok. That itís going to be great, actually.

Nathan: There are only three things Iím scared of losing in this world, Haley; you, our son, and the game.

Nathan: I wonít lose it all. Iíll still have you and weíll still have our son. And weíll have the feeling that in the face of all this we didnít lose our way, we still know right from wrong.

Nathan: When I was two years old I made my first basket, when I was six basketball went from being a game to a sport. Since then Iíve played 7,072 official minutes, probably 20 or 30 thousand unofficial. But for 32 minutes this season, over the course of two games,  I did not compete to the best of my ability.  I regret this and I regret that the fear of losing the opportunity of playing that game that Iíve always loved prevented me from standing up and taking full responsibility for this sooner. I apologize to my coach, my teammates, and all the kids who look up to me. Especially to the kids. While I never lost a game on purpose, the truth is still the truth. You can spin it, and shade it, and bend it, but thereís still right and wrong. And I was wrong. And the truth is, Iíve forsaken a game that has always been incredibly good to me, and teammates that have been like brothers, and a brother that has been a teammate. To my coach, my wife, my father, and my family, I apologize for the burden I know this will bring. I know that the integrity of the game cannot be compromised and I regret that my own integrity was not in steadfast. Iím deeply remorseful for the choices I have made, but I accept any consequences that there might be. I love this game and sorry I betrayed it. 

Nathan: Itíll be great. Youíll be great.

Haley: You know I think I am actually getting fatter by the minute.
Nathan: I hope so.
Haley: Youíre just saying that to make me feel better.
Nathan: No, Iím saying that because the bigger you are the taller our sonís gonna be.
Haley: So itís ok if I look like a weeble wobble as long as our son can dunk a basketball.

Haley: Do you love me?
Nathan: Of course I love you.

Nathan: You gotta a lot of work to do. Iíll grab us something to eat, something really bad for us.
Haley: No, no! Iím going to be speaking in front of thousands of people plus Iím pregnant! I need healthy food! HEALTHY!

Haley: Weíre going to be ok.
Nathan: I know.

Haley: Now is the time for us to shine. A time when our dreams are within reach and possibilities are vast. Now is the time for all of us to become the people weíve always dreamed of being.

Haley: Iím sorry, I have more. I just think Iím having my babyÖ

ďLightning crashes, a new mother

Haley: Welcome to the world, James Lucas Scott.

Haley: Unbelievable. Heís only mellow when we play rap music?

Nathan: Weíre underage, mom. And thereís going to be drinking, alcohol, maybe some drugs.

Nathan: Hales, come on. I miss the boy too but weíre not going to be one of those crazy obsessive parents, alright? Weíre going to enjoy one last night with all our friends.
Haley: Youíre mom? The former drug addict, attempted murderer who dropped a loaded gun in the cafť?
Nathan: It wouldnít hurt..

Nathan: Youíre going to be a great mom you know that? Actually, youíre already a great mother and thatís very sexy!

Haley: If you give me that ball I will make it worth your while.
Nathan: Sorry guysÖ

Shoutout to my haters! Sorry you couldn't phase me.


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Re: ~*Always and Forever Naley Fans*~
« Reply #6 on: March 19, 2010, 01:56:54 AM »

Nathan: Where did he get the hoop?
Haley: His uncle Lucas gave it to him.
Nathan: I donít want him playing.

Nathan: Iím going tenth pick to the Sonics.
Haley: Oh baby, Iím so proud of you. You have worked so hard for the last 4 years. You believed in it and now itís actually happening.

Haley: No driving tonight okay? Take the limo and get the car tomorrow.
Nathan: I promise.

Haley: I canít, we canít be like this Nathan. Your son needs you. Please donít become your father.
Nathan: My fathers in prison, so am I.
Haley: Well, you can walk out.

Haley: Are you gonna say anything or are you just gonna sit there like you have for the last four months? You gonna get drunk maybe, pout a little, cry?
Nathan: You don't get it do you? I used to be somebody Haley, do you understand that, do you understand what that means? I used to be Nathan Scott and I was great, and I should have walked away okay I know that. And I didnít do it, and now Iím nothing and I have nothing.
Haley: You have nothing? You have a beautiful son who is here, I am here. You have got to figure out who you're gonna be in this Nathan, because this version of you does not work for us. I can not keep living like this, okay? Do you understand what i'm staying? One more night like this Nathan and I promise you, you will have nothing.

Haley: What is this?
Nathan: Itís the beginning.
Haley: Of what?
Nathan: The way itís going to be from now on. I know itís going to take a lot more than dinner, but I figured itís a start right?
Haley: I missed you.

Nathan: Youíre like the mean teacher, thatís kind of hot.

Nathan: Try one more time...beautiful that was awesome.

Nathan: Haley Iím the last person that should be giving anybody a talk.
Haley: Youíre like a basketball god or something to these guys, and youíre not a teacher which will really help. I think he might listen to you.
Nathan: Alright, Iíll think about it.
Haley: Thankyou, for what it's worth i think it might give you another good day.
Nathan: Oh, really?
Haley: Yeah. So are you bringing back the mullet or what?

Nathan: That is some dress.
Haley: I donít know, you donít think itís too sexy?
Nathan: Itís not something a respectable wife or mother would wear, you should definitely get it.

Nathan: Hey!
Haley: Hi.
Nathan: When you get a chance, Iíd love to see that dress on you.

Nathan: He just said ball, I swear he just said ball.
Haley: He is definitely your son.

Nathan: Haley, thank you for supporting me, for helping me get my dream back. I love you so much.
Haley: I love you too...Iím so proud of you.
Nathan: We're gonna make it...and nothings gonna stop us now huh buddy?

Haley: You should never be ashamed of you're achievements.
Nathan: The only thing i'm ashamed of is the person i've been for the past few months. Hey, I know weíre not the couple we used to be, but weíre going to get there. I know it.

Nathan: Little mans out cold. Do you need me to check for clowns?
Haley: I kinda do.

Haley: Jamieís sleepover means you and I have the house to ourselves for a little private after party.
Nathan: My own personal champagne room?
Haley: Yeah, except youíre the stripper.
Nathan: Ohhh...

Haley: Sorry I havenít been around much tonight, Miaís performing and sheís really nervous. How have you been?
Nathan: Never realised how boring bars can be without alcohol.

Haley: Nathan heís not worth it let it go.
Nathan: Youíre lucky.

Haley: Are you awake?
Nathan: No.
Haley: Sorry I got upset at you.
Nathan: You were right to be upset. I finally started walking again. Iíve got no business being in some guyís face.

Nathan: I wish you were home more.
Haley: Thanks, me too.

Nathan: Iím just about to put Jamie to bed then Iím going to take a quick shower, oh and Haley I love you.
Haley: I love you too.

Nathan: Haley, this isnít this, I swear to you, I havenít..Carrie tell her.
Carrie: Nathan loves me and I love him back.
Haley: I want you to get the hell out of my house right now, you get out too.

Haley: I just need some time to be alone. Can you just go to Danís hearing and then we can find a time to deal with this later...please?
Nathan: Okay.
Haley: Nathan, there better not be more.

Nathan: Iím sorry, i'm so sorry.
Haley: No you stay away from us, this marriage is over.
Nathan: Haley!
Haley: I want a divorce...

Nathan: I thought you were actually happy to see me.
Haley: I am happy to see you.

Nathan: Look, I just wanted to say i'm sorry.
Haley: Aren't you tired of that? You shouldn't have to apologise for who you are..not anymore. I've been thinking a lot this week and I knew who you were when I married you and what I realised is that it's really not fair.
Nathan: What are you saying?
Haley: I'm saying that it was wrong of me to try and change you. Iím the one whoís sorry, I shouldnít have tried to change you or us and now, Iím done trying.

Haley: You shouldnít have done that.
Nathan: I wanted to.

Nathan: Iíd like to have kids someday.
Haley: A son with your eyes.
Nathan: No a little girl just like you...iím gonna love you forever Haley James Scott, I promise.

Haley: Youíre his father, you should have been there to protect him and I should have let you come home.
Nathan: This is not your fault Haley.
Haley: I canít lose him, heís all I have.

Nathan: When I was a junior in High School, I took some stuff to help me with my game..drugs, and it was a stupid thing to do. I ended up collapsing on the court and my father was all about covering it up for the scouts. Anyway, when i left the hospital I went to see Haley because I needed to know if she could forgive me. I wanted to see if I still had the chance to be great in her eyes, and when she did..she forgave me that was the moment everything changed for me. That was the moment I fell in love with her. This girl who could see past all the mistakes i've made. I don't know, I guess maybe sometimes I screw up because I want to feel that again. I suppose that sounds pretty broken.

Haley: I love that he's here with me every week without fail, and I love that he holds himself accountable for his mistakes, and I love that he's so protective over me and Jamie. And I love that shirt that he's wearing, and maybe the way he wears it.

Nathan: You know sometimes I find your goodness staggering. I didn't get a chance to tell you at the session but your kindness is overwhelming Haley. You saved my life. If I havent said it lately you're also sexy as hell.
Haley: hey, I was thinking...not sleeping in this bed might not be so bad tonight if you wanted to try it with me...

Nathan: God! My girl is hot.
Haley: Morning.
Nathan: Morning.

Nathan: smells good in here.
Haley: Yeah, I made some French toast.
Jamie: It's totally good Daddy.
Nathan: Well that's not what I meant but that smells good too.

Nanny: So Nathan, Haley tells me you like to watch your nannies swim naked in the pool...
Nathan: I guess I deserve that.

Nathan: Thankyou Hales for everything.
Haley: Thankyou back!

Haley: Don't you find it creepy that your dad hangs around a High School gym?
Nathan: He's Dan, it's all creepy.
Haley: What did he want?
Nathan: He wanted an invite to Jamie's birthday party...don't worry I told him it's not gonna happen.
Haley: Well your stronger than I am. Jamies been asking me all week if his Grandpa Dan's gonna come to his birthday party and I have been dodging the subject all together.
Nathan: Excellent parenting.

Nathan: He's dying Hales.
Haley: What?
Nathan: Dan needs a heart transplant. He says it's his HCM. He's got 6 months to live maybe not even that.

Haley: What are we gonna do about Jamie and Dan?
Nathan: I don't know. I just can't believe he's dying. As horrible as he's been it's hard to imagine him gone for good.
Haley: I know nothing's more important than this family but if you need closure with your dad I understand...just be careful.

Jamie: Hi Momma, everything okay?
Haley: Hey buddy, everythings perfect thankyou. You're so handsome.
Nathan: Hey you.
Haley: Hi.

Jamie: I'm James Lucas Scott!
Nathan: You did it buddy! I knew you could.

Haley: You know what? You still make my heart do i'm serious feel this. My heart is so full of pride and love and joy right now because of you. It's my other boy.
Nathan: Alright i'll see you.

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Re: ~*Always and Forever Naley Fans*~
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Nathan: Last night was the first time I felt like I was on my way back.
Haley: Iím so proud of you, Nathan!

Nathan: Hey baby!

Jamie: Daddy, when you play in the NBA you need to play for the Bobcats, that way you can come home and visit me and mamma, plus Q says they need a shooting guard.

Haley: Youíre right about that, he looks damn good on a basketball court. Hey 23,call me!

Haley: Hi!
Jamie: Hey mamma!
Haley: What is this? I wonít let you hop on the bed so youíre hopping on the pop?
Jamie: Itís fun, you should try it.
Haley: Maybe I willÖ

Haley: I smell a little monster sneaking up behind meÖAAAAHHHHH.

Haley: I remember the first time I saw you play when I was tutoring you. You were like a rockstar out there.
Nathan: Masen Borough. You sat with Keith and wore that goofy hat. I scored 35 baskets that night and each one was my own personal Haley James pickup line. I played that game for you, Haley. And you know what? I would give it up for you too. Because as much as I love playing the game and the person I am when I play it, I love being a husband and a father more.

Nathan: Hey, what are you doing hereÖ?

Nathan: Son, Q had an accident.

Jamie: Can I have this?
Nathan: I think heíd like that.

Qís Mother: I mostly wanted to say thank you to this one. My son has always loved basketball, but I gotta tell you the day I cam home and found him reading a book. It just about gave me a heart attack. He said ďMomma, Mrs. James-Scott, she donít play. Sheís almost as bad as you areĒ. 

Nathan: For you itís clowns. For me old dead guys. You know my moms grandfather died when I was around Jamieís age. And so my whole family is at the wake and weíre kneeling in front of the casket and Iím really scared because there is this old dead guy a few feet away from me. And anyway my mom is a few feet away from me crying and my dad says a couple words and leans forward  and he kisses the corpse. And Iím totally freaked out and then he turns and looks at me and says ďKiss your great grandfather, sonĒ.
Haley: He didnít make youÖ.
Nathan: Yeah, itís my dad! Kissed a 100 year old dead guy in makeup! Ughhh.
Haley: Dan sucks.

Nathan: You reached to Quentin, you can reach to them too.

Jamie: Quentin was my friend and I want to say goodbye too.

Itís too quiet in my town.

Haley: I remember the first time I saw you. I was sitting at the geek table and you were sitting over there at the jock table and if we played by the rules of high school we wouldnít be sitting here at this table
Nathan: Ok, I get it. You and I arenít the most conventional couple either. Are you going to stop trying to make me a better person?
Haley: Itís not likely.

Haley: That was Danís doctor. Apparently they had a heart for him but he never answered their call.
Nathan: Maybe he has really gone to die.

Nathan: That was the General Manager for the D League team.
Haley: The D League?
Jamie: Basketball, mamma!
Nathan: Itís just a developmental team but the GM wants to meet with me today. That was the NBA calling!
Jamie: Told ya! You're gonna play in the NBA!

Nathan: Lets cut through shop!
Haley: You can cute through shop?
Nathan: You were such a nerd in high school!
Haley: I was an honor student!
Nathan: Exactly! Nerd.
Haley: Ughhh whatever! You donít know what you would do without me.

Haley: They are crazy not to give you a try out! Go play slamball!
Nathan: Yeah?
Haley: Yeah. This is officially a comeback, Nathan Scott.

Jamie: Iíll protect you too!
Nathan: My hero!

Haley: You have no idea how happy it makes me to see you playing again!
Nathan: Thanks baby! You know itíd really make me happy to see you play again. You havenít been in the studio in awhile.
Haley: Yeah well too much has happened lately to even think about music.
Nathan: Yeah well the deal was that we would both go after our dreams, remember? 

Nathan: A man should know to never grab another mans cap!
Haley: Nathan! Kiddo, your cape is not stupid, ok? Hey! When I was younger I had a poncho that everyone else said was really ugly but I loved it so I kept wearing it. And thatís what you should do. If you like your cape then you should wear it whenever you want and ignore what everyone else says.
Jamie: But what if he keeps picking on me?
Nathan: Well I can teach you how to deal with bullies.
Haley: And what your father means by that is if someone is picking on you then you should just walk away. Right honey?
Nathan: Yes, yes sheís right.
Jamie: But I want to be a tough guy like daddy!
Nathan: Well hey, if you can learn to walk away then you will be tougher then I ever was.

Nathan: What happened to walking away?
Haley: I know but you didnít see her! She was such a bitch!
Nathan: Sounds like you made that pretty clear!
Haley: Jamieís been through so much the last thing he needs is some bully picking on him!
Nathan: Heíll be fine. Heís a tough kid. But you know what? Iíll take care of it. In the mean time try not to kill anybody ok, slugger?
Haley: What are you going to do?
Nathan: Iím gonna call his mom a bitch and then push her! Oh thatís right! You already did that didnít you? Look, I donít know what Iím going to do but I will think of something.
Haley: Iím sorry.
Nathan: Oh are you kidding me? My girlís a badass and thatís hot!

Nathan: So who doesnít think capes are cool? Well if I didnít have one, I couldnít do this!

Jamie: And then daddy jumped 8 feet and dunked the ball. I was the most popular kid at school! I even got six girls digits just like Uncle Skills taught me!
Haley: Really, Uncle Skills? Well I will be having a conversation with Uncle Skills.
Nathan: Hey, get used to being popular. Youíre a Scott boy!
Jamie: Momma, why donít you wear your poncho anymore?
Haley: I think one day I just outgrew it.

Haley: What you did for Jamie was amazing.
Nathan: I didnít do it for Jamie. I did Chuckís mom, I was afraid you were going to kill her.
Haley: Well you saved the day for everyone like a big old superhero! Hey, you donít need a sidekick do you?
Nathan: A sidekick? No. No, I think tomorrow I will go back to being mild-mannered, slamball playing, Nathan Scott.
Haley: I wouldnít call you mild-mannered.
Nathan: And what about you? What are you doing tomorrow?
Haley: I think Iím in the mood to do some singing.
Nathan: Itís about time.

Jamie: Did he get up, momma?
Haley: Yeah baby, he got up this time.

Owen: Lets go All-American.

Jamie: Morning, daddy. Youíre alive right?
Nathan: I think so.
Jamie: Can you walk?
Nathan: Yeah, Iím good.
Jamie Prove it.
Nathan: I will if you get off me, you dork.

Haley: We pretty much share this house 50/50 donít you think?
Nathan: Yeah, why?
Haley: Just a stupid article.

Haley: What is wrong with you? I canít play with you making faces like that!
Nathan: I know, neither can I!
Haley: Youíre so funny!

Nathan: I know youíre trusting me and I love you for that.

Haley: Hey! Youíre just in time!
Nathan: For what, hibernation?
Haley: No, I saw your slamball schedule for the next couple weeks and it looks pretty grueling so I thought you better stock up!
Nathan: Haley, 90,000 calories a day is not going to stop me from getting hit on the slamball court.
Haley: No, but it will give you a little extra padding when you do!
Nathan: Eat your breakfast in front of the tv, ok little bear? Good luck.

Jamie: Donít play slamball anymore, daddy.

Jamie: I was scared you were going to be like before.
Nathan: Listen to me. I am never going to be like that again. None of this is worth losing the ability to hold my son when he is afraid, or my wife when she needs me. Iím done with slamball.

Nathan: Do you remember the first time you sang for me at the cafť? Well if you get nervous just close your eyes and pretend that youíre back there. That itís you and me.
Haley: Yeah, I like that. I love Nathan Scott.

Lucas: Bro, I came over here so you could compliment me on knocking the guy out.
Nathan: Iím just saying, sometimes itís better to learn to walk away.
Lucas: Who are you right now?
Nathan: Hales, tell him! I had a talk with her about walking away too.
Haley: Oh you are just full of funny today arenít you? What happened to you?
Nathan: He decked Julian!
Haley: Why?
Nthan: He was dating Peyton in LA.
Haley: Really?
Lucas: Apparently they were in love!
Haley: Nice! Oh sorry, I just really appreciate when the drama isnít about us.
Lucas: Ok, you guys suck right now, you know that?
Haley: Alright, Iím off. Jamie and Orvall are off at Andreís for the night.
Lucas: Whoís Orvall?
Haley: Orvall is Jamieís imaginary friend. Well technically heís Chesterís imaginary friend but Jamie takes him places.
Nathan: Seriously?
Haley: Yeah. Oh come on, if Orvall is the least of our worries I think weíre doing pretty good. Ok, wish me luck.
Nathan: Good luck!
Lucas: Mmm, wish me luck too!
Nathan: Ugh, get out of here!
Lucas: Thanks for the ice and ughÖNo, just thanks for the ice.
Haley: Come on punchy, you can tell me all about it in the car.
Nathan: Imaginary friendÖI always knew my kid would end up weird.

Nathan: I enjoyed the encore!
Haley: Good but I think youíre going to enjoy the encore to the encore even more.
Nathan: Iím proud of you, Haley!

Nathan: What brought you here?
Haley: Weill I know it sounds a bit corny but the rain.

Nathan: This is my last night here. But I want you to know that I wouldnít want to spend it with anyone but you.

Nathan: I love you. I always have since the first time I saw you.

Haley: Well since the house is going to be so big I guess weíre going to need kids.
Nathan: A little girl just like you.
Haley: A son.
Nathan: We could name him James! Like Haley James.
Haley: Jamie!

Haley: Oh, Iíll wait for you. Always and Forever!

Jamie: Well I think 6í2 is perfect! Heck, I would settle for 4í2!
Nathan: Well you can thank your short pants mom for that!
Haley: Hey! He got a lot of good stuff from me, like piano heís gonna rock at the recital tonight!

Jamie: Something like that. What do you want form me? Iím 5.

Haley: How funny was your son tonight?
Nathan: He was goofy like his mom.
Haley: I think he was brave like his dad.

Nathan: That was the Charleston Chiefs. Youíre looking at their newest point guard!
Haley: And you say Iím badass!

Nathan: Todayís a big day at the Scott house.
Jamie: How big are we talking?
Haley: Bigger than if Christmas, your birthday, and Pizza Friday all happened on Bring Chester to School Day.

Jamie: Is it a dream come true?
Nathan: Yes, son, yes it is.

Nathan: Hey baby!
Haley: Oh you scared me you wonderful man!
Nathan: I missed you!
Haley: Good! Now shut up and kiss me!

Nathan: Hey Luke, you there? Wake up. Over.
Luke: Nathan, is that you?
Nathan- Yeah man. These walkie talkies are a stroke of genius. Jamie liked his so much he went to bed with it.
Luke: Oh my god. Jamie.
Nathan: Donít sweat it. We picked them up, theyíre fine. Speaking of which, I heard a rumor. Youíre going to be a dad. Thatís pretty cool man.
Luke: Yeah, Iím kinda overwhelmed and exhausted. I donít know how you do it.
Nathan: Itís all about teamwork. See that girl laying there next to you? You donít know it now, but she is a superhero Trust me. And anyways weíre here for you. If you need anything.
Luke: Thanks man. Have a good night.

Nathan: I'm still trying to figure out how I ended up with such a talented wife.
Haley: You just got lucky.
Nathan: No, getting lucky is how I got a son.

Haley: I like her poncho.
Nathan: Why am I shirtless?

Nathan: It sucks that I canít stick around for this.
Haley: It sucks even more that youíre going to be gone for two weeks! At least Iíll have all these shirtless Nathanís to keep me company.
Nathan: Ohhh really?

Haley: Happy Anniversary, Nathan Scott.

Haley: I canít believe you talked me into marrying you at 17.
Nathan: I know, what the hell was I thinking?
Haley: Time for fortune cookies!
Nathan: You are the master of your craftÖ.in bed. Now that is true.
Haley: What? It does not say that!
Nathan: No but you can add ďin bedĒ to the end of any fortune and it works.
Haley: What?
Nathan: It works every time! Try it!
Haley: Be prepared for a big changeÖ in bed! Hahaha. Well you know what they say about the seven-year itch.
Nathan: Fortune cookies suck.

Nathan: Thereís only a couple things I am certain about with life. And one of them is no matter what happens youíre going to be the one wheeling me around when Iím 80.  Besides. I just couldnít life with myself if my dream kept you from perusing yours.
Haley: Youíre so amazing.
Nathan: I know. You got lucky!

Nathan: Happy Anniversary, Haley James Scott
Haley: George Bailey, Iíll love ya til the day I die!

Nathan: What mathholes! Thereís no way he is going here.

Nathan: They put our son in a cardigan.
Haley: I used to wear cardigans.
Nathan: And thatís because you were a nerd.
Haley: See itís comments like that that make me wish I could have gone to a school like that.
Nathan: Oh yeah! Then you could have lettered in Mathketball! Look, that little jackass was talking trash to our son!
Haley: Like youíve never talked trashed before! And when someone talks trash to you on the court doesnít it motivate you? You know it does!
Nathan: Well Jamieís not even gonna see a court cause they donít have one!
Haley: He would get an excellent education there and there is more to school then just sports!
Nathan: Well thereís more to school then just school!
Haley: This is coming from a c student.
Nathan: Ugh! C+ and you were my tutor!

Haley: So I guess we just flip-flopped?
Nathan: Yeah, we did!
Haley: We suck at this.

Haley: Whatever you decide you have a wife and a son behind you that love you.

Haley: Your chance is coming, baby.

Nathan: HaleyÖI love you.
Haley: Thanks baby. I love you too!

Haley: Stop it! You have nothing to apologize for. Weíre proud of you. Weíre proud of you every single day.

Nathan: Haley James Scott, this is a womanís bathroom, youíre a teacher, and your son is out there.
Haley: The door is locked, Iím not a teacher anymore, and our son is dancing. Now kiss me. You are my husband and you are so damn sexy, baby.

Nathan: Iím tired of failing.
Haley: That little boyís hero is his father, the rest doesnít matter.

Haley: Youíre in the NBA?
Nathan: Iím in the NBA.

Mouth: Jamie Scott, hug your dad for all of us because he just made it to the NBA and we couldnít be more proud.

Haley: You made it.
Nathan: We made it.

Announcer: From the University of Maryland, 6í2 point guard, wearing number 12, Nathan Scott!

Shoutout to my haters! Sorry you couldn't phase me.


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Re: ~*Always and Forever Naley Fans*~
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Wait, Haley, I need to apologize. I donít know how to do this. Iím not like you. I screw up a lot and being around I donít want to be that guy. I want to be somebody who is good enough to be seen with you.

When I fell to the floor tonight, I was so scared. I was so terrified. Then I saw you.. I promised myself that if I could just get up, and walk over to you, and tell you how much I need you, how much I want you, then nothing else matters.

Lucas is awake. I went to go see him.
Because I knew you couldn't. I wanted him to know that you were thinking about him. Look, I know it was wrong to go after you for the reasons that I did but I canít apologize for it. Iím glad I did it. Iím not that person anymore and itís because of you. Let me take you to him.

Look Haley, the pictures of Peyton didnít mean anything. I saved that picture back when we were dating. The other ones too, you can go back and look. Her web cam hasnít even been in her closet for months.
Why didnít you tell me that last week?
Because, I should have deleted those images a long time ago. I just, I just felt bad because I didnít do it. Besides, Haley, I donít want Peyton, I want you.
Is that it?
You know my pride says yeah thatís it, just walk away and let Haley deal with the fact that she is clearly threatened by a sexual relationship. But my heart says forget about your pride you idiot, you love this girl, and even if you catch pneumonia your ass is going to stand out here in this rain until you convince her to forgive you. Come on, Hales, meet me half way here?
Why should I?
Because Iím sorry, because I love you, and because youíre looking really hot standing out here in the rain and I am thinking that I have to kiss you.
Well if you have toÖ

Haley, I could love you forever. You know youíre my family now. The only true thing I have. I donít ever want to lose you. Marry me.

You shouldn't have come back for me. I wish you were safe.
I wouldn't want to be safe without you.

Last year I learned so much about life and love. And even if I could I wouldnít take back all the bad stuff that happened to us because it brought us here to this moment, to this river. Marry me, Haley. Marry me in front of all our friends and our family.

Last year we stood on a beach and I told you how much I loved you and how I would always protect you. On that day nobody believed that this would work, but I donít think that anyone understood the love that I had for you, cause if they did they would have never doubted us. So I wanted to marry you again in front of most of our world because today when I look into your eyes my love for you only grows. Itís even strong now. Our love will never waver, this I vow to you, today and always and forever.

You know my father said that today would be the greatest day of my life. And your right, dad, it is, but itís not because of basketball. You see today I learned that my wife, Haley, is pregnant. And while itís an absolute honor to be recruited by Duke University, I guess what I have to say to you today is this; where I play basketball, if I play basketball is no longer a decision for me to make alone. Itís a decision Iíll make with my wife and my families best interest in mind. And when I do I will let you all know. Now my wife couldnít be here today so I just wanted to say one thing to her. Haley, no matter what happens weíll face it together and I promise you Iíve never been happier.  Everythingís going to be ok and I love you.

I need to know that you will let me in, Nathan. I mean all the way in.
I will. Ok, if thatís what it takes then Iíll let you in. Itís just that sometimes Iím afraid that if I do youíll see the real me. The guy I was before you. Iím not proud of that person, the one that I used to be, but if I have to be that guy to keep you safe then thatís who Iím going to be. Look, if you want me to apologize for defending you or fighting back when somebody hurts you, I canít do that. I wonít do that, because the truth is thatís a guy that Iíll never be. Someone who just stands by and watches while the world hurt you. Now can you understand that?

Nathan: I know weíre not the couple we used to be but weíre gonna get there.

Iím not good with being vulnerable. In fact this is probably the closest Iíve come to it. Actually the second closest.
Whatís the first?
When I was a junior in high school I took this stuff to help me with my game. Drugs. And ugh, it was a stupid thing to do. I ended up passing out on the court and my father was all about covering it up for the scouts. But anyway, when I left the hospital I went to see Haley because I needed to know if she would forgive me. I wanted to see if I still had the chance to be great in her eyes. And when she did, when she forgave me, everything changed for me. That was the moment I fell In love with her. This girl who could see past all the mistakes Iíve made.

I didnít get to tell you in the session but your kindness is overwhelming, Haley. You saved my life. And if I havenít said it lately, youíre also sexy as hell.

I remember the first time I saw you play when I was tutoring you. You were like a rockstar out there.
Masen Borough. You sat with Keith and wore that goofy hat. I scored 35 baskets that night and each one was my own personal Haley James pickup line. I played that game for you, Haley. And you know what? I would give it up for you too. Because as much as I love playing the game and the person I am when I play it, I love being a husband and a father more.

Lose her? She's right here. I'm never letting her go.

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Re: ~*Always and Forever Naley Fans*~
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Shoutout to my haters! Sorry you couldn't phase me.


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Re: ~*Always and Forever Naley Fans*~
« Reply #10 on: March 19, 2010, 02:00:06 AM »

Get it here.

I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be here for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to Heaven
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay
Seasons are changing and waves are crashing
And stars are falling all for us
Days grow longer and nights grow shorter
I can show you, I'll be the one.

All the joy and all this love
I know that it is from above
and now together there is enough
to fill this world
Cause you are the love of my life
you are the love of my life
and now we are man and wife.

Good morning beautiful how was your night
Mine was wonderful with you by my side
And when I opened my eyes and see your sweet face
Its a good morning beautiful day
I couldn't see the light
I didn't know day from night
I had no reason to care
Well since you came along
I can face the dawn
Cause I know you'll be there.

When you came to me with your bad dreams and your fears
It was easy to see you'd been crying
Seems like everywhere you turn catastrophe it reigns
But who really profits from the dying
I could hold you in my arms
I could hold you forever
I could hold you in my arms
I could hold you forever.

We belong together
Like the open seas and shores
Wedded by the planet force
We've all been spoken for
All this indecision
All this independent strength
Still, we've got our hearts on save
We've got our hearts on safe.

You need a friend
I'll be around
Don't let this end
Before I see you again
What can I say to convince you
To change your mind of me?
I'm gonna love you more than anyone
I'm gonna hold you closer than before
And when I kiss your soul, your body be free
I'll be free for you anytime
I'm gonna love you more than anyone.

These days, a little bit longer than the last
And all of these ways, a little bit stronger than the past
And your light, found my bottle in the night
Gave me second life, you kept me in this fight
And I won't back down
I won't turn around and around
And I won't back down
Doesn't matter what comes crashing down
I'm still gonna stand my solid ground.

Honey when you doubt my love for you
Looking in my eyes what I'm going through
Even if we change and fall out of
You hold my hand and it's better than love
Save me from myself
You got my back when I need help
It's no one else in the world
You will always be my girl.

Welcome to the planet
Welcome to existence
Everyone's here
Everyone's here
Everybody's watching you now
Everybody waits for you now
What happens next?
What happens next?
I dare you to move
I dare you to move
I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor
I dare you to move
I dare you to move
Like today never happened
Today never happened before.

One night of magic rush
The start a simple touch
One night to push and scream
And then releaf
Ten days of perfect tunes
The colors red and blue
We had a promise made
We were in love.

I hear your name in certain circles
And it always makes me smile
I spent my time just thinkin about you
And its almost driving me wild
But it's my heart that's begging down this long distance line tonight
And I ain't missin' you at all
Since you've been gone... Away
I ain't missin' you
No matter what I might say.

You ran around inside my head
When you passed out, I felt dead
And I realized you make me live
And when my world starts to cave in, you jump inside and take my hand
No matter where, you are there
Will I ever see, what you could see in me? I do, I just believe that we will always be and dream, yeah
Well, I will never be the sign that we must see, that you and me were meant to be so just believe why we are together
You are my light, you are my star, you are my sunshine and my dark
You are the everything I dreamed about
You are the guy who stole my heart
I am the girl you're always smiling for
We have a love people dream about
A real life fairytale.

There now, steady love, so few come and don't go
Will you won't you, be the one I'll always know
When I'm losing my control, the city spins around
You're the only one who knows, you slow it down
Oh, oh
Be my baby
Oh, oh
Be my Baby
I'll look after you
And I'll look after you.

Find Me Here
Speak To Me
I want to feel you
I need to hear you
You are the light
That's leading me
To the place where I find peace again
You are the strength, that keeps me walking
You are the hope, that keeps me trusting
You are the light to my soul
You are my purpose
You're everything.

When you try your best, but you don't succeed
When you get what you want, but not what you need
When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse
And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you.

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Re: ~*Always and Forever Naley Fans*~
« Reply #11 on: March 19, 2010, 02:01:10 AM »

Season 1

More here.

Season 2

More here.

Season 3

More here.

Season 4

More here.

Season 5

More here.

Season 6

More here.

Season 7

More here.

To access the icons just log in to our NH photobucket. Please upload the icons onto your own server by using Tinypic/Photobucket/Imageshack.

Shoutout to my haters! Sorry you couldn't phase me.


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Re: ~*Always and Forever Naley Fans*~
« Reply #13 on: March 19, 2010, 02:16:29 AM »
OMG this was such a project haha. It took so much time but was definately worth it! I'm so glad it's posted and all you lovely people can see the NH love.

Morgan, dude totally loved doing this with you! Definately made a good team. This took up like 5000000000 hours of our life but was totally worth it. Loves ya like a sister!

Thanks to all the girls who helped out with this! Michelle, Megan and Cara thanks so much for the quotes girls <3

Sema darl! Thankyou for the Nathan's corner banners. You are such a star and they look so fabulous <333

Now i'm going to sleep for about 20 hours and off to France! Wooooo!

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Re: ~*Always and Forever Naley Fans*~
« Reply #14 on: March 19, 2010, 02:23:08 AM »
Miaaaaaa, my little whore! <3 I think if I had to do this thing with anyone else I would have killed myself. NO LIE. We became such good friends while doing this thing for yearssssssss. Loves ya like a sister! (I would totally add the Sue gif but I don't want to take away from Naley!) Have fun on your trip and don't hurt yourself!

Yessssss, big thanks to some people for helping! First to the mods who gave us the chance to be in charge. Then to Megan, Michelle, and Cara for helping with some quotes. Andddd as much as she hates Naley, Sema, helped with some of the art! Sooo thank you again!!

We hope you guys really like this! (:

Ohhhhh. And Mia and I have also agreed that we're going to add season 7 when the season is done with. We started this before season 7 even started and we didn't feel like updating if after every episode. So look out for that at the end of this season.

Shoutout to my haters! Sorry you couldn't phase me.