Author Topic: Exactly what "changed?"  (Read 15735 times)

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Re: Exactly what "changed?"
« Reply #75 on: July 18, 2010, 05:56:17 PM »
Actually, season 2 sucked. Out of all the high school years, it was BY FAR the worst. New characters sucked and the main characters were all bizarro.

Yeah a lot of people feel that way and while I think it IS part of the classic OTH, I still think it wasn't very strong. 

I think if we are looking for an agreement... well from what I've seen everyone has a soft spot for season 1 (duh) and everyone loves season 3. I've never seen season 3 hate.

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Re: Exactly what "changed?"
« Reply #76 on: July 21, 2010, 08:57:00 AM »
Actually, season 2 sucked. Out of all the high school years, it was BY FAR the worst. New characters sucked and the main characters were all bizarro.

Alright then we can't all agree for once. My mistake. lol
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Re: Exactly what "changed?"
« Reply #77 on: August 10, 2010, 06:00:35 PM »
I've never understood why people think this either. The only time I ever felt like a season had a completely different feel than the previous ones was S5 and parts of S7. S4 was great and it still had that young, Tree Hill, high school life feel. I never felt that S4 was making the show downhill or anything like that.

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Re: Exactly what "changed?"
« Reply #78 on: October 09, 2010, 01:23:18 AM »
for me, every season (especially the first 4) seem different.

not really in a bad way...they just seem to change a bit.

i like season 4 though! probably my 2nd favorite season :D

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Re: Exactly what "changed?"
« Reply #79 on: October 10, 2010, 02:46:32 AM »
as i look back and reflect more on the show, it is hard for me to pick a favorite season because every season had good and bad to it. season 4 is no different but season 4 gave us the best finale ever, the championship game and lucas' heart attack and daunte was some great drama, the honey groove episode was also really good.

i cudve gone with out the whole phcho derek n the rehash of brooke/peyton.

i guess one thing that stands out at me about season 4 is that the characters felt much older than they were. i know in real life they are but seasons 1-3 u felt more of that "school presence" in season 4, no one had curfews or parents to ground them. s4 felt like they were already adults but then again, at the end of senior year, it does feel that way but i dunno lol.

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Re: Exactly what "changed?"
« Reply #80 on: October 10, 2010, 04:07:06 AM »
A big part of my dislike for season 4 is the way Brooke was kind of disconnected. She had a great relationship with Rachel and Haley, but the fighting with Peyton and Lucas seemed to drag on for too long IMO.

I didn't like Dan and Karen's little tryst either. It seemed so incredibly out of character for Karen to let Dan play her like that.

Clean Teens were ridiculous and Chase has no personality, even in the current season.

Lucas's witch hunt got old fast for me, even though we knew he was right.

Of course, every season has it's weak points like that, the ones for that season were just more aggravating. I did enjoy Deb's storyline, as well as the Naley one.


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Re: Exactly what "changed?"
« Reply #81 on: October 10, 2010, 06:18:07 PM »
for me, every season (especially the first 4) seem different.

not really in a bad way...they just seem to change a bit.

i like season 4 though! probably my 2nd favorite season :D

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Re: Exactly what "changed?"
« Reply #82 on: October 14, 2010, 06:52:38 PM »
Now I can honestly say I enjoyed watching season 4 although I agree with certain people who've said that it has a different feel from the seasons before it. I wouldn't even compare the feel of season 4 to any other season, I guess it just has a unique feel of its own imo. I admit that this was when oth started becoming weird what with the psycho derek storylines and of course Haley having a baby after being only four to five months pregnant but it was cool even so. Chad looked really old this season tho - thought he needed a bit more of a shave tbh...

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Re: Exactly what "changed?"
« Reply #83 on: October 08, 2012, 09:00:22 PM »
The reason season 4 was different for me was the inconsistency. At the end of season 3 Brooke was upset with Lucas, but was still sort of kind to him...even when she breaks up with him in 401. Then, all of a sudden she is a complete bitch to him even though he didn't do anything wrong. It makes no sense to dance with him at the wedding after she found out about the kiss, tell him that she will always love him, only to ignore him later and be mean to him.
Also, the whole breakup speech is contradictory first she says it's not about Peyton and then she mentions Peyton several times while listing her reasons to Lucas (making a mix, sharing a laugh...). Not to mention comments like 'Peyton really wants chips', 'Because of Peyton?' and the like...she tells Haley that Lucas and Peyton are sneaking around again (which they were not, since Brooke broke up with Lucas so there was no reason to sneak around).

My main problem is with Brooke. She is actually my favourite character in all the other seasons (except maybe 7) but her character in season 4 in general was disappointing. After growing so much in seasons 1, 2 and 3, she showed complete regression. Within a few days of breaking up with supposedly love of her life she started sleeping around, with her teacher no less (even when she was crushed and heartbroken in season 1 she didn't do that, but grieved). Although I can understand anger towards Peyton, when she was almost raped and maybe worse, Brooke barely acknowledged that (again, after much worse situation with cheating in season 1 she stuck up for Peyton in simple chick fight with Nikki), dead mom comments were way, waaaay too much. Stealing the calculus test and then letting Rachel to take the fall all by herself. Regarding the BN sextape, I'll just blame that on the writers cause it makes no sense whatsoever. While Brooke may have been (or is) slutty, she was always portrayed as loyal if nothing else. That storyline makes her not only a hypocrite, but completely nullifies her insecurities about LP.
At the end of 403 she was crying supposedly because of 'I'm not the guy for you' comment. What was she expecting? After being rude to Lucas, ignoring him, kissing Derek in front of him, telling him that she was not going to fight for him while the crowd is listening (not that she ever fought for him), she was hurt by that comment? She set herself for that one. There is only so much crap a guy can take. Brooke bailed the relationship at the first sign of trouble. She dumps him after losing Keith, basketball, and his HCM (so much for the promise to save him back in the 317), and why? Because she never really forgave him for cheating on her with Peyton and was constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. That's why she called it quits right after Peyton confessed her feelings to Brooke cause she fully expected him to go after Peyton when and if he found out about Peyton's feelings for him. She never gave him the benefit of the doubt. Or the truth for that matter. I think he had the right to know about that confession cause then he would at least known how to try to fix the whole thing. Instead she (Peyton too) kept him in the dark while he was wondering why did she break up with him in the first place. He never really had a chance. And to make it worse, he never did found out about that. Makes you wonder why did she ever got back together with him in the first place if she could never make herself trust him again.

Ever since BL got back together Brooke had been bringing LP cheating up as a rebuttal in every argument, and when Lucas brings Keller up only once she started talking about bargaining chip. Pot calling the kettle black. And her comments about Lucas were also harsh, unfair and OOC. Making fun of the mixtape? Telling Peyton she gave her Lucas and can have him back whenever she wants? Lucas and Peyton having an ongoing affair behind her back? Mabe in her paranoid mind.
Then in 404 when Lucas asks her about her possible pregnancy she tells him that he is sneaking behind her back with Peyton??? WTF? In case it's impossible for her to comprehend, you can't sneak behind somebody's back if that somebody broke up with you before the supposed 'sneaking around' happened. And then she again acts all hurt when he mentions Keller even though she tells him second before that he is not the only guy she ever slept with.
During the whole season Brooke was constantly walking in on something and was jumping to wrong conclusions without bothering to actually talk with Lucas or Peyton and trying to clarify things. LP hug in the hospital, LP at the mall on her birthday, LP talking outside of school...later on walking in on LP make out session, LP having sex, Nick cheating, Peyton brushing got to the point of it being ridiculous. Like some bad mexican soap opera. I mean, come on...enough is enough.

Lucas....for a guy who can solve a murder in his sleep he can be pretty daft sometimes. Before he told Brooke about the kiss she asked him not to talk to Peyton and later while they danced she mentioned that Peyton told her some things about the two of them. He knew they weren't on speaking terms and he knew that it was about him and Peyton. Before Brooke found out about the kiss. And never once, while he was trying to figure out why she broke up with him, did it cross his mind to question her about that. Or to question Peyton if Brooke wasn't speaking to him, cause she told him too that she told something to Brooke. We are supposed to believe that he was so in love with her and wanted her back and there with him when his dreams come true, and he didn't even explore all the clues to their breakup. Huge clues.
I understand Peyton is his friend, but trying to get Brooke back and hanging with Peyton every single second of every single day probably isn't the right way to do that. He knows that Brooke has some kind of problem with Peyton. At least try to find out what it is if you hang out with her all the time. Completely unconvincing.
Come to think of it, the whole breakup was unconvincing. Brooke was in love with Lucas pretty much since season 1, she never did truly got over him. Lucas started to fall for her in the first half of season 2. He wanted to be with her ever since then. Even though he had his work cut out for him, considering everything that happened before, he couldn't shake that feeling. The whole summer spent with Peyton couldn't shake it. Brooke made him to jump through all these hoops (non exclusive dating, the whole Rachel thing, costume party, fantasy boy draft, sleeping with Keller...). And when they finally got back together he still had to deal with Brooke's I guess that means he was willing to really make an effort. That showed how much he wanted to be with her. And her feelings for him were always there, no doubt about that. Then comes season 4. Brooke lets go and moves on in the matter of days and Lucas doesn't really look all that hurt or crushed. Hell, he seemed much worse after the Keller incident, and that showed emotions of someone who cares. But in season 4, after all the effort he put into the relationship, when she walks away he seems like....oh well, what are you gonna do....I wonder what game is on TV tonight. Like nothing ever happened.

Friendship between Lucas and Haley was almost non existent. They didn't confide in each other. She found out he broke up with his girlfriend from Brooke, she didn't tell him of her pregnancy at first, he never mentions everything about Peyton and her I love you stuff and maybe asks advice from Haley, not a word about Dan....
All of the characters were distant this season. Peyton gets attacked and no one checks on her except for Lucas. Everyone had their own little world Brooke and Rachel, Lucas and Peyton, Nathan and Haley...and the worst one with Karen and Dan. It doesn't seem realistic that she would forget everything that happened for the past 17 years and hang out with him all the time.
And all the pointless new characters like Shelly, Chase, Nick, Psycho Derek, and the real one were not needed.

PD storyline would have been good if it wasn't like a 80's horror movie. Once was enough,but  when he came back for the prom it was too much. Not to mention his super human strength. He can fall on his back from second story window, brush off the dust and escape, get tasered and nothing, get stabbed and nothing. Come one point I expected him to show that he was the terminator beneath his human exterior. It was that ridiculous.

They kind of ruined LP reunion with lack of build up on Lucas' part. Peyton waited long enough but Lucas was one moment ready to try again with Brooke and the next moment in love with Peyton. It should have been handled differently.

Now....there were some episodes that I liked...championship episode was great, actually liked the point shaving story, pictures of you and the finale was great. But all in all this season was the start of soap opera OTH.

There, had to say it. Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my native language.

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Re: Exactly what "changed?"
« Reply #84 on: May 05, 2013, 03:42:21 AM »
Granted I did not read the other posts but the first one, but I'll give my opinion anyways, because I'm an insomniac and can't sleep.

I liked season 4, but only certain episodes in it. As a whole I feel like S4 is disjointed because of two reasons:

1. Everyone was pretty much wrapped up in their own problems/storylines.  Nathan/Haley were worried about their kid, making money, recovering from injuries. Lucas was dealing with finding out who murdered Keith, Peyton was dealing with psycho Derek, real brother Derek, Leyton was busy building their relationship, Brooke was wrapped up with Rachel/Clean Teens/Chase/Fighting with Peyton.

So while a few storylines overlapped it wasn't like S1-3 where they all interacted regularly and where storylines intertwined with each others. It felt disjointed because it was in my opinion. You rarely saw Lucas/Haley interacting or Haley/Brooke Haley/Peyton or even Nathan/Lucas outside of the State Championship/point shaving scandal. Another instance I can think of is how Mouth had no idea what was even going on with Peyton/Brooke and in S2 and S3 Peyton/Mouth had storylines together and an actual friendship. I just felt like they didn't interact as a whole group enough in S4. I did love the state championship episode and the pictures of you and honeygrove episodes, because they were all together having fun and interacting like they did in Season 1-3.

The second thing I sort of alluded to before, but I felt that by putting so much emphasis on Leyton and their dramas over the rest of the characters led to it feeling too much like the Leyton show than One Tree Hill. Granted I am a HUGE Leyton fan, but even I felt like they didn't give Naley enough screen time and they pushed Chase/Brooke to the back burner and used Brooke to prop up Rachel and Haley and Leyton's love for most of the season, which I didn't think was right. As much as I loved Leyton, I still liked Brooke and the rest of them and wanted to see everything, not just Leyton.
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Re: Exactly what "changed?"
« Reply #85 on: June 13, 2013, 02:42:53 AM »
Okay. So I'm watching Season 4 right now and OTH is the only show I've stuck through since it started. Well when I look at S1 and S4. There is a quite a difference you know. But S2, S3, and S4 seemed to get along really well and fluid. And S4 is my favourite season out of all the 4. It just had so much to it. It kept getting interesting everyday. And Naley, they just, i don't know how, manage to take my breath away every time. And I even liked the LP factor to the show which arrived towards the end.  :laugh: There was a new shock, A new story, to every person in the show everyday. I loved it. Not to miss the reunion of BP.  ;D

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Re: Exactly what "changed?"
« Reply #86 on: June 13, 2013, 04:32:56 AM »
I haven't read all the posts here besides the first one, but I actually agree with the OP. For me...season 4 will always be one of my favorite seasons of the show ( after season 3,7 and 9 ). Yes, the show changed from network, but it still had the same characters and the same drama. Maybe the fake Derek storyline was a bit soapish, but every season had some soap aspects imo. It's one of the reasons why I like the show. I think ( no offense ) that some people were looking for a ''change in the show'' because of the change in networks. When I watched S4 I didn't know it aired on another network now. I noticed no change what so ever. Yes, the actors seemed a bit older ( makes sense since there's a summer in between ), but other than that?

The only big chance I saw with OTH was the jump between S4 and S5. But even then the show still felt like OTH. They grew up, so the characters were changed a bit, but within they were still the same. Just older and growed up. Season 7 felt different because of the introduction of new characters, but even then it kept its heart, and proper story telling. But that's just my opinion!