Author Topic: SEASON 7 SECTION RULES!  (Read 2906 times)

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Welcome to the Season 7 Discussion section. In order to post here, you must read and follow a couple of rules:

1. Make sure you are correctly posting in this section. Topics involving other seasons do not belong here. Please keep it strictly Season 7 related.

2. Threads involving relationships are NOT allowed in this section. Even if you are posting about a relationship or friendship in Season 7, it still belongs in the relationships section.

3. SPOILERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE POSTED OUTSIDE THE SPOILER SECTION. Members who don't read them do not appreciate them being posted. Even though regular members do not have the ability to make new threads in the spoiler section, it does NOT mean you can post them elsewhere. You may PM Tori, Samia, or Amy when a new spoiler is available and they will make a new topic in that section and post it for you.

- Keep in mind that spoilers include SNEAKPEAKS, characters returning, and anything else that could give things away to an upcoming episode. We WILL allow episode promos/previews to be posted in this section, seeing as they are shown on the CW.

These have all been big problems the past few seasons so we would like to point them out. In addition, keep in mind that all remaining forum rules apply to this section as well.

If you see a post or thread that is breaking any of the above rules, please REPORT it!!!

Thank you,
The OTHforums Staff